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Why in the World?

Who wouldn’t want to travel around the world for a full year? (actually I can think of a few of those crazy people, but there’s no need to name names) πŸ˜‰

Most people dream about traveling and seeing the world. It’s always right at the top of people’s responses to the question, “what would you do if you won a million dollars?” I can never understand why people feel like they need a million dollars to travel. Isn’t it simply a matter of choice? I get that you need some money to travel…and that I’m talking about a choice that is a great privilege for a very small portion of the world’s population. No, I’m talking about people who choose to buy 2 televisions, a Starbucks everyday and a 20th pair of jeans, instead of using that money for travel. But like I said, it’s a matter of choice. Though it’s something I could never understand, I suppose it’s possible that some people are more fulfilled by those daily satisfactions than seeing and experiencing a whole new country.

These days our travels average about a month, and the longest the Bears have been on the road without pausing, is 3 months. We visited China, Laos and spent 6 glorious weeks on the beaches of Thailand, right before we moved to Seoul to settle down for a while. Looking back at that trip, I think we should’ve kept going…but alas, an inner feeling of scarcity stopped us from continuing on, and hindsight truly is 20/20. Now, 3 years older, and hopefully a little wiser, that feeling of scarcity hasn’t disappeared, but the realization that there is a limited time and space in which to do things has grown stronger than that feeling of scarcity.

I wish we had more money. I wish I was a little younger. I wish the weather would magically change so that we could go all the places we want to, without having to carry winter clothes. I wish we could travel first class everywhere we went. Actually, I wish I could teleport. That would make things so much simpler. But circumstances will never be perfect, and if we can get over the fear of what happens “afterwards,” the choice is easy. It’s NOW.

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