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The B Word

Though we’ve been doing our absolute best to avoid looking at this, I fear that the time has finally come. Until now, it’s been easy to focus on fantastic destinations, possible itineraries and how nice it would be to fly business class all over the world.

Enter my mother.

…and all of the ensuing facing of facts, breaking down of illusory dreams and of course, accompanying pain, suffering and torture.ย I suppose I brought it upon myself. I knew this would happen, yet I still chose to ask my mother her opinion about the economy vs business class ticket issue. My mother, is who you go to if you want it straight, especially with regards to things you don’t really want to face. I can’t really blame her for destroying my fanciful dreams and leaving me sobbing into my pillow. After all, I asked her, because I wanted a dose of cold, hard sanity. Never mind that the sanity came in the form of jagged icepicks of marble stabbed into my soft, squishy heart. No, actually, I lay the blame squarely on my brother. Let me explain.

My brother and his wife recently concluded an around the world trip of their own…and a lot of the inspiration for going on this trip in the first place, came from hearing about theirs. They traveled to Africa, Europe, India and many other countries, before spending their final 3 weeks with us, here in our cozy Seoul apartment. That’s when I saw the bright orange Star Alliance “Priority” tags happily attached to their disgustingly grungy and stinky backpacker backpacks (ok, I might be exaggerating a little here), and found out that they had in fact, booked their around the world tickets in business class. Something that I had never even considered or thought of as a possibility.

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Whaddya mean, backpackers can travel in comfort and style?

Needless to say, this threw me into a frenzy of trip research, comparing of ticket prices, along with several long sessions of daydreaming and denial. I’m pretty sure that we’d almost convinced ourselves we could do it…and technically, we could…if we gave up hotel rooms with hot showers, hiking Machu Picchu and doing an African safari with any level of comfort at all. Oh. And eating. Like for the entire trip.

Despite this, the B word is not business class, blame, or even brother (though it totally should be)! The B word is Budget. And I guess it’s time to face it head on.

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