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Black’s Epic Adventures Photo Contest: Entry #2

Since entries are unlimited on this contest, it doesn’t hurt to increase our chances of winning, with more photos. 😉

Details about the contest can be found on the original post: HERE

For this round, I’ve selected a few images for each category. I still had trouble with the FAST category, but I gave it my best shot.


Every time I visit Albania, I feel like I’ve transported myself into some kind of European Wild West. After a 3 hour terrifying, guardrail free drive, we reached the top of Llogara and discovered a restaurant that seemed to be straight out of the Middle Ages. My barbecue goat was so fresh, I’m convinced they must’ve gone into the yard to slaughter my lunch.

At the top of an Albanian mountain top

At the top of an Albanian mountain top

Take a drive along the Colombian Caribbean coast and you’ll find a huge number of wild, untouched beaches, with nary a footprint on them. I wonder who planted those flags? And more importantly, when?

Virgin beaches on Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Virgin beaches on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast


Is it wrong to use an actual panorama for the Panoramic category? 😉

A foggy morning at Machu Picchu

A foggy morning at Machu Picchu

On a camel safari in India’s Thar Desert, we passed by these women, hard at work, collecting branches and sticks for cooking. I love the contrast of their colourful saris against the monotone beiges of the desert.

Indian women hard at work in the Thar Desert

Indian women hard at work in the Thar Desert


It was so difficult to find photos for the FAST category, that I resorted to using a photo with me in it. 😉 Searching for Proboscis Monkeys (yes, because they have gigantic noses), in a long tail boat, was a refreshing antidote for Brunei’s stifling heat and humidity.

In a longboat, on the Brunei River, searching for Proboscis Monkeys

In a longboat, on the Brunei River, searching for Proboscis Monkeys

We drove from Fort Kochi to the tea plantations of Munnar on a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle, but of course I don’t have pictures of that. I was too busy holding on for dear life and praying we’d survive the Indian traffic!

A tuk tuk racing past Munnar's tea plantations

A tuk tuk racing past Munnar’s tea plantations


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Sir Lanka’s ancient palace, Sigiriya, is one of the most epic sites I’ve seen in all my travels. Two hundreds metres high, the “Lion Rock,” used to have not only paws, but also a sculpted lion’s head, which unfortunately collapsed many years ago.

Sigiriya's epic Lion's Paws

Sigiriya’s epic Lion’s Paws

In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, it’s possible to see the EPIC site of a still active volcano. The Halema’uma’u Crater is nearly 3,000 feet in diameter and a plume of sulfur dioxide smoke is often visible. We had to stand well back, due to an underground lava lake and the possibility of occasional eruptions!

An active volcano at  Halema’uma’u Crater's Overlook in Hawaii

An active volcano at Halema’uma’u Crater’s Overlook in Hawaii

So, there you have it. What do you think of our selections? Which photo is your favourite?

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  1. I like the first submission better. But I really was thinking of your Machu Picchu shot for Panoramic and thought that was what you gonna go with. And oooh, that Lion Rock is WHOA-some. If they send me to Hawaii at the end of the year, I’ll definitely have that in the bucket list.

    May 3, 2014
    • I thought about using the Machu Picchu panorama for that category, but then thought it was too easy to use an actual panorama for it, but hmm maybe I should’ve. I sorry to give you bad news Rommel, but the Lion Rock is in Sri Lanka, not Hawaii. 🙁 It is completely awesome though. 🙂

      May 5, 2014
      • Ahihihi – That’s what I get when I read too many blogs at once. I just got my orders today. I’m not going to Hawaii this December. It’s gonna be in Greece. 😀

        May 9, 2014
        • What’s this job of yours that lets you live all over the world Rommel? I’ve never asked you… I guess you’re happy about Greece? Athens? Ohh, the food is so good there. I’m salivating just thinking about the 2 euro gyros you can get all over the place!

          May 10, 2014
  2. Another set of great shots… love Machu Picchu… someday we will go there too.

    May 3, 2014
    • Thanks so much. 🙂 I’ll cross my fingers that you’ll get there soon. Hiking the Inca Trail was amaaaaazingggg!!!

      May 5, 2014
      • I hear it is fantastic… it is on our bucket list of places… as is most of the world 😉

        May 6, 2014

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