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Hey Naia…..

Our little Naia Bear is lucky enough to have her Auntie Bora, here in Seoul to love and take care of her. Her beautiful post says it all… 🙂


Hey Naia…..


Hello, angel.

How are you? You’re probably wondering why I haven’t yet written about you.

Sure you are. Why wouldn’t you? You’re learning more and more each day how special you are; how loved that you are; how absolutely mind blowing that you are. And it’s been a 100 days since you were born…and still no word from your aunty Bora.

Well dear Naia, I wish I didn’t have to tell you the turn. Wish I could embellish it for you. But the truth is at first, I wasn’t even sure what to feel toward you. You came so suddenly, you see. Six weeks early (can you believe that?). And though I was emotional the entire 24 hours after your mummy’s water broke…well, when you were finally here…I looked at you…and I felt…I guess looking back – shock. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t smile, I couldn’t feel…

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