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A Look Back: Insta-Autumn!

On this first day of December, we woke to the sound of our windows rattling as if they were about to shatter, a flurry of delicate snowflakes, and the realization that winter has well and truly arrived here in Seoul.

What better day to reminisce about the colourful days of autumn past, than the one where Mother Nature screams at you that the warm temperatures and breathtaking skies of fall are over once and for all?


For the 3rd of our quarterly series via our Instagram feed, I’ll be sharing images from our adventures close to home. Autumn is so beautiful in Korea, it’s the one season where our itchy feet take a vacation and our only inclination is to stay put.


  1. For Chuseok, or Korean thanksgiving, we gave our thanks at a traditional hanok south of Seoul. It was the perfect place to disconnect, unwind and prepare for the busy fall season.
  2. We discovered the newly opened coffee@works in Gangnam, and it quickly became one of our favourite spots in the city for brunch, amazing lattes and Italian style pizza at an affordable price.


  1. Our hike up Gwanaksan was full of gorgeous views, rocky inclines and a whole lotta hard work.
  2. At a picnic next to the Han River in October, we not only enjoyed breathtaking skies, but also some of the most masterful kite-flying I’ve ever seen.
  3. I never thought the day would come that I’d crave SPAM, but it did. Though budaejjigae or Army Base Stew was invented out of necessity during the Korean War, today, it’s fusion of spicy broth, ramen noodles and American meats is loved by many, including me. 🙂
  4. Once the exclusive retreat of Chosun dynasty royals, now the stunning fall colours of Changdeokgung’s Secret Garden can be seen and enjoyed by all.


  1. This silly shot of the giant rubber duck floating atop Seokchon Lake was our most popular pic on Instagram by far. 😉
  2. When completed, the Lotte World Tower will be 123 stories tall. Set in this magnificent sky, it almost seemed like a mirage.
  3. Does this look like Korea? Yeah, I didn’t think so either – more like the Mediterranean, but it’s actually on the east coast in Sokcho.
  4. The brand new National Hangeul (Korean language) Museum, all angles and stairs, lights up the night.

PS: Happy birthday to Agri! We celebrated with not 1, but 2 birthday cakes, a Greek lamb stew, family, good friends, and a lot of wine. 🙂

There’s a lot we don’t write about on the blog. If you’d like to follow along on our Korea adventures or whenever we travel abroad, connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see you there. 🙂

What adventures did you have this autumn? Has winter hit your home, like it did ours?

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  1. Awesome photos and love the running commentary! Off to check now whether we are following you on Instagram!

    December 1, 2014
  2. Sha #

    Happy birthday agri! And I keep reading about that duck again and again! Haha…it is a pretty awesome photo though..and I saw on twitter about the first snow! So early! I wish I am there cos I miss snow! (Yes, I can see you shaking your head here haha!) Keep warm cos it’s just gonna get colder! 😉

    December 2, 2014
    • Haha! The duck is very famous I think. It snowed yesterday for the first time and the temperature dropped like crazy. The day before we were in fall jackets and running shoes, but now I have to pull out the parka and winter boots just to keep from freezing to death. Lol…and yes I am shaking my head at you. I’ll never understand the missing of the snow. 😉 (And I’m planning my beach escape as we speak – can’t bear the cold for too too long)

      December 2, 2014
      • Sha #

        Haha, somehow I knew that would be your answer! Lol..wouldn’t be surprised u are making your escape. ..I’m trying to see whether I can make it to a beach too…it’s monsoon season and the wet weather can be a bit trying..😄

        December 2, 2014
        • Have you figured out where you’re going yet? We were trying to go to Ubud and Gili Islands, but tix are sooo expensive. Not 100% sure yet, but I think we’re settling on the Philippines…

          December 4, 2014
          • Sha #

            Cool! I keep going back and forth. I don’t really have much cash yet I still yearn for a beach holiday. And I don’t know why but it’s just crazy in the office towards the end of year, usually it’s pretty quiet! So I’m thinking I will wait till my pay is in and make a final decision. I just need my beach! Philippines seems like an awesome choice but just make sure you avoid the ones with typhoons heading for it. 🙂

            December 6, 2014
  3. Looks like an eventful autumn 🙂 And now the fun of winter begins – am jealous you have snow!

    December 3, 2014
    • Autumn is always one of the best and busiest seasons here in Seoul. Always lots of festivals happening and wonderful weather too! Now it’s time for hibernation or the beach! 🙂 Lol, having grown up in Canada, I will never understand all you people that are jealous of snow. 😉 I would be happy if I never saw snow again!!

      December 4, 2014
  4. Thank you very much for your photo report, it was very interesting and fun!

    December 9, 2014

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