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When we decided to embark on this last minute little of adventure of ours, we neglected to look into accommodation prices before booking the basically free Aeroplan tickets. It turns out that hotel prices in Hong Kong are insane. It probably has something to do with oh, I don’t know, being geographically close to the largest population base on earth. Should’ve thought of that I guess.

A quick search on Agoda (my hotel booking engine of choice), showed only a few hotels under $200/night, and the bulk of them are actually in the $250-300 range. And that’s just for an average quality hotel. Something like the Intercontinental is $500/night. Um…? The most popular “budget” choice is the Salisbury YMCA, which on our dates costs….drumroll please…$235 once all the taxes are added in. Yes, at the YMCA. Gulp.

There are true budget options available of course. It’s not all that dire, if you plan in advance. Which we didn’t. With a week left until departure, all the clean and free of bedbugs and other distracting creatures best options were booked up months ago. We needed a solution…and fast!

The Venetian Macau Royale Suite

Since we were also planning to check out Macau (Asia’s Vegas) at the same time, I decided to run a search on Agoda and lo and behold, the Venetian was having a “Royale Suite 3-day Crazy Sale.” For just $160/night, we could get our very own 755 square foot suite in a 5 star hotel, right on Macau’s strip.

I use Agoda quite often (simply because it usually has the best prices), so to top it all off I had a whole bunch of Agoda points. In fact, I had $80 worth! So once all the taxes were added and all the math was figured out, we got that suite for a grand total of $140/night. Hey, it’s not Hong Kong, but you better believed I booked that baby up as fast as I could!

So it seems that our Hong Kong trip has morphed into a Macau trip, but I’m excited about it. We’re not gamblers, but it will definitely be fun to wander around the area and eat all the Portugese/Macanese food. Custard tarts? Piri-piri chicken? I’m all over it.

One thing’s for sure…it will definitely make it easier to stomach the $235 night we’ll spend at the YMCA in Hong Kong. Still gotta get me some dim sum!!

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