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Canadians are Lucky: Travel Visas for our RTW Trip

We’re less than 2 months away from our planned departure date and there is an incredible amount of stuff left to do. We’re major last minuter’s, can you tell?

This morning, we decided to sit down and actually make a list of the things we have to get done before the trip. Mind you, we also need to squeeze in a Templestay for New Year’s Eve and a 30 day Yoga Challenge in the next 50 or so days as well. The by no means exhaustive list includes:

  • Packing up our apartment in Seoul – selling what we’re selling, storing what we’re storing, and cancelling what needs to be cancelled
  • Closing off 2011 – dealing with banking, taxes and a whole bunch of other super thrilling exciting things
  • Selling our scooter
  • Selling a condo in Toronto
  • Getting vaccinations and travel insurance
  • Um…actually booking our RTW plane tickets and travel research
  • Getting our gear, technology and supplies together for the trip
  • Dealing with required travel visas

This is one area where we’re SUPER lucky to have Canadian passports.ย Canadian citizens can travel to 164 countries and territories visa-free or obtain a visa on arrival in the country. How sweet is that? Particularly for 2 people who procrastinate like we do.

For the countries on our particular RTW itinerary, this is what we’re dealing with:


  • Albania, Colombia, Croatia, Ecuador, Montenegro, South Africa: 90 days
  • Bolivia, Maldives, Thailand: 30 days
  • France, Greece, Italy: 3 months in a half year
  • Israel, Morocco, Uruguay: 3 months
  • Lebanon: 1 month
  • Peru: 183 days
  • United States: 6 months
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Basically, we’re able to enter 18 of our possible destinations for free and without any prior planning. Good for us….though there are a few oddities that we’ll have to plan around i.e. not being able to enter basically any other country in the Middle East with an Israeli stamp in our passports. Can’t we all just get along? ๐Ÿ™


  • Argentina: 90 days, $70 if arriving at Buenos Aires International airport, free at other entry points
  • Chile: 90 days, $132 charged if arriving at Santiago International Airport, free at other entry points
  • Egypt: 30 days for $15
  • Indonesia: 30 days for $25
  • Jordan: $30
  • Kenya: 3 month visa for $20
  • Nepal: 60 days for $30
  • Tanzania: $50
  • Turkey: 3 months for $60
  • Zambia: 90 day visa for $50

For these countries, it’s a total of $482US. Times 2 bears = $964. Not cheap! The one cost that’s really sticking out is the one time $132 charge for landing at Santiago International Airport in Chile. Given that we’re only planning on spending a few weeks there, it seems quite expensive…and what a strange way of structuring it. We’ll have to see if we can arrange to cross at a land border – perhaps from Mendoza in Argentina?


  • Brazil: $81.25 + $25 handling fee
  • India: 6 months valid from the date of issue: $81.25

We won’t be able to deal with our tourist visas for India until around October. If we get it now, it will expire before we even set foot in the country in December of 2012.

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Tomorrow, it’s a visit to the Brazilian embassy in Seoul. Time to really get moving!

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