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Posts from the ‘Tanzania’ Category

Earth in Balance: A Serengeti Safari

Of all the hundreds of places I've visited on this big, glorious earth we call home, there's only 1 where I've felt anything close to resembling a total absence of human interference.

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The Best Things We Ate on our Trip Around the World

5 continents, 25 countries. What were the best things we ate on our trip around the world?

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Best of the Beach: Our Top 10

We've lolled about on a lot of sandy beaches in our travels all over the world, but which ones are the best? Hopefully this top 10 retrospective will help us survive the rest of winter.

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Is Dar es Salaam Dangerous? My 2 Cents

Is Dar es Salaam, Tanzania dangerous for tourists? We didn't think so.

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Welcome to Dar: Scammed at Tanzania Immigration

Getting scammed by the immigration office in Dar es Salaam wasn't fun. Thank goodness our first impression of Tanzania was wrong.

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Vaccinated! Getting Yellow Fever Certified in Korea

Mosquitos absolutely love me. Or rather my blood. It doesn't seem to matter how many other tasty veins are around, they all zone into me and I end up with 10 bites, while everyone around me gets off scot-free! The Bear likes to call me his "insect repellent," because they don't bother with him and his furry legs when I'm around.

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