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Posts from the ‘China’ Category

Travel Memory: A 30 Hour Sleeper Bus Journey from China to Laos

A 30 hour journey on a Chinese sleeper bus is um...interesting.

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Terracotta Army

Discovered in 1974, outside of Xi'an China, the Terracotta Army portrays the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.

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Our Holiday Tradition: Traveling

Happy holidays from our family to yours. Wishing you all a wonderful time with the ones you matter where you are.

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2012: Our Year of World Wonders

As I get older, the wish to feel a sense of wonder hasn't diminished. And in 2012, without realizing it, Agri and I were lucky enough to visit 5 of the 7 New Wonders of the World, as well as the Honorary candidate - and only surviving Ancient World Wonder - the Pyramid of Giza.

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The Postcard: Luang Prabang, Chiang Mai, Pai

That last minute trip to Macau and Hong Kong distracted me from doing these posts for awhile, but I'm back on it now.

So, where were we? Oh yes, in China. Or rather, leaving China.

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The Postcard: Beijing, Xi’an, Kunming and Lijiang

When we lived in Toronto, most of our travels focused on North America and Europe. Looking back, I wish we'd spent a whole lot more time exploring the Caribbean, but from Toronto, it seemed so accessible that the whole area fell into the 'it's always there and so close, we'll get there,' category.

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