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Posts from the ‘Japan’ Category

Family Travel: Our Worst Moments in 2016

If traveling as a couple has highs and lows, traveling as a family has Mount Everests and Grand Canyons. Here some of our WORST moments in 2016.

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2016: The Year we Learned how to Travel with a Baby

From Kyoto to Santorini to Rome, 2016 was the year we learned how to travel with 1 extra piece of VERY important baggage.

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Kobe Beef at Steakland: Not Life-Changing, but Worth a Trip

I've wanted to sink my teeth into a Kobe Beef steak for as long as I can remember, and I finally got my chance!

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Travel-Stained Monthly Recap: March 2016

The end of winter, birthday celebrations and a trip to Japan. Here's what we got up to in March.

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11 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Kyoto Now

It's hard to pick just 11 reasons to visit Kyoto, but we tried...

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Magic Hour at Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion

Kyoto's Golden Pavilion is one of those rare touristy sites that's better live, than in pictures.

Completely captivating.

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Flying Peach Air with a Baby: A Review

Our first big flight with the little one has come and gone. So how did it go?

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Baby Steps: Travel for 2016

For us, 2016 is a brave, new world. One with a baby in it.

And globe-trotting will never be the same again.

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Pod Person: My Night in a Japanese Capsule Hotel

I've always wanted to sleep in a capsule hotel. On a 9 hour stopover in Tokyo, I finally got my chance!

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Travel Memory: A 3 Hour Wait for Sushi at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

At Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market, a sushi breakfast at one of the restaurants in the wholesale area is a rite of passage for early morning visitors. And the most coveted seats of all are at humble little Sushi-Dai.

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