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Posts from the ‘Maldives’ Category

Staying on a Maldives Local Island: Day Tour to Adaaran Maldives Resort

Our taste of the Maldives 5 star resort experience was lacking: a review of a day trip to the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Resort.

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A 2015 Travel Retrospective

2015 was one of our biggest years yet! But it wasn't because of where we traveled...

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Maldives Excursions: Maafushi Tours and Activities

The Maldives is kind of mundane.

You shouldn't go.

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Maldives Budget Travel: Maafushi Island Guide

Would you believe that you can visit Maafushi or any of the local islands in the Maldives for less than $100 per day?

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Maldives on a Budget: Yes, it’s Possible!

Affordable, independent travel to the Maldives is possible!

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Travel-Stained Monthly Recap: August 2015

From a babymoon in the Maldives to expat life in Seoul, the first, of what I hope will be a continuing series of monthly recaps.

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A Magical Maldives Sunset: A Good Day (and Night)

With an average ground elevation of just 1.5 metres above sea level, gorgeous sunsets are guaranteed.

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Babymoon in the Maldives: A Sneak Peek

At first, the Maldives reminds me of Christmas in Florida. Fortunately, first impressions aren't always right.

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