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Posts from the ‘Finland’ Category

The Travel Disappointments of 2014

Travel isn't all rainbows and sunny skies. Our travel disappointments in 2014 - yes, the aurora borealis is one of them.

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What Nobody wants to tell you about the Northern Lights

Our tips for hunting the aurora borealis!

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Northern Lights in Lapland’s Lake Inari

Did we get to cross this item off our travel wish list?

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A Winter Wonderland Walk in Lake Inari

Lake Inari in the deep cold of winter is like some kind of deserted icy fairy tale land...

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The Kamppi Chapel of Silence

On our second foray into the city, the weather did not improve. The greyness didn't stop us from finding a place of light in the middle of the city though....

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Was this the capital of Finland or a portal into Dante's 9th Circle of Icy Hell?

Surveying the frozen landscape, covered in snow, and the grey, godless sky, I couldn't be entirely sure.

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That Night we Spent in a Helsinki Prison

It wasn't my idea of an ideal first night in a new country, but sometimes circumstances beyond your control, force you into situations you never expected to be in...

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