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Posts from the ‘France’ Category

What to Eat in Strasbourg, France

Alsatian cuisine blends both French and German culinary traditions. Here's what and where to eat it in Strasbourg, France.

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2016: The Year we Learned how to Travel with a Baby

From Kyoto to Santorini to Rome, 2016 was the year we learned how to travel with 1 extra piece of VERY important baggage.

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Deceiving the Eye: Lyon’s Fresque des Lyonnais

"Walls are the skin of the residents." - CitéCréation

At least in Lyon.

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You say Bouchon, I say Bouchon: 2 to Try in Lyon, France

My list of "Things to Do in Lyon" was:

1. Eat.
2. Eat at a bouchon.

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Travel-Stained Monthly Recap: June 2016

A BIG month of travel in June: a return to Rome, falling in love with Alsace, gastronomy in Lyon and a quick trip to the Cinque Terre. Here's what we got up to in June.

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The Ultimate Travel Panorama Post (or Where’s Agri?)

In honour of all the fascinating panoramas my trusty Sony has allowed me to shoot all over the world, I've created a little travel quiz, called Where's Agri? What's your best guess?

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Perspective in a Paris Line-Up

My favourite nighttime photos are from our visit to the Tour Eiffel. It did not disappoint, but it was the 2 hour wait in line and serendipitous meeting we had with Marcy from Indiana, that was most memorable.

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The 5 Places I Can’t Stop Dreaming About

Are you a repeat roamer or a once-is-enough type of globetrotter? What are the places you can't stop dreaming about? Here are my top 5.

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7 Memorable Dining Experiences from Around the World

For travelers, food is one of the most interesting aspects of visiting a new country. From souvlaki in Greece, to kebabs in Jordan to pasta in Italy to curry in India, food defines a country as much as the landscape and the people. Good or bad cuisine can make you want to stay forever, just to continue eating, or it can make you want to check out of the country earlier than planned.

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