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Posts from the ‘Europe’ Category

Ambience in Vlore, Albania

Quite possibly the best located cafe ever in Vlore, Albania.

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Resilience in Sirmione, Italy

The most resilient thing about Sirmione, Italy was one particular steadfast nonna.

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2016: The Year we Learned how to Travel with a Baby

From Kyoto to Santorini to Rome, 2016 was the year we learned how to travel with 1 extra piece of VERY important baggage.

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11 Photos that Prove just how Stunning the Cinque Terre Really is

There are few places on earth as visually arresting as Italy's Cinque Terre. Here are 11 photos that prove it.

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Deceiving the Eye: Lyon’s Fresque des Lyonnais

"Walls are the skin of the residents." - CitรฉCrรฉation

At least in Lyon.

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Magically Afloat above Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys

Soaring high above the magical fairytale landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey, my fear of heights was temporarily suspended.

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You say Bouchon, I say Bouchon: 2 to Try in Lyon, France

My list of "Things to Do in Lyon" was:

1. Eat.
2. Eat at a bouchon.

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6 Reasons Why Agios Prokopios is the Best Naxos Beach

Even a visit to the Maldives failed to knock Naxos' Agios Prokopios off it's throne. It remains my favourite beach in the world. And here's why.

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When a Caffe and Cornetto isn’t Enough, There’s Rome’s Bakery House

When you're in Rome, and the thought of one more caffe and cornetto become too much, the Bakery House will save you with a western style brunch.

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A Different Version of Greece on Lefkada Island

The absence of blue and white in Lefkada, makes me feel like I'm not in Greece.

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