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Perspective in a Paris Line-Up (Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime)

My favourite nighttime photos are from our visit to the Tour Eiffel. It did not disappoint, but it was the 2 hour wait in line and serendipitous meeting we had with Marcy from Indiana, that was most memorable.

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Perspective in a Paris Line-Up

By the time we make it to the Tour Eiffel, the sky is dark and the Tower is already ablaze with what seems like a million glimmering lights. It's okay though, because I've planned it this way in my mind for at least a thousand years. I want my first look at the famous landmark to be at night.

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Travel Light

If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness, and fears. ~ Cesare Pavese

Back in 2008, I sold the condo I'd lived in for 5 years, distilled the 10 years of my Toronto life down to 2 boxes and moved to Seoul, South Korea with Agri. It's not that we had jobs lined up, an apartment to settle in or any real plan at all...just a sense that it was time to move onto something new.

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Scentiment: Keffir Lime and Curry

It doesn't matter what country I'm in, the second I get a whiff of sweet, fragrant keffir lime, I am immediately transported to Thailand and straight into the memory of a fiery bowl of green curry chicken, devoured while relaxing by beautiful, blue seas. The same goes for the smell of burning leaves.

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