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The Best Things We Ate on our Trip Around the World

5 continents, 25 countries. What were the best things we ate on our trip around the world?

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Molotov Cocktails and Tear Gas: A Day Trip to Bethlehem

"He spent 2 years in jail for that drawing," E tells us, as I snap a picture of some graffiti on the wall. In graphic black paint, it depicts 2 small children picking up stones to throw, and a mother in her hijab with head covered, picking up more stones to hand to them.

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Bomb Scares and Air Raid Sirens: Traveling in Israel Amidst Escalating Military Tensions

Our border crossing from Aqaba in Jordan to Eilat in Israel goes smoothly, but as Canadians, it's still the most challenging one we've endured. I sail through pretty easily, but Agri is pulled aside and subjected to 20 minutes of questioning about our relationship, our travel plans, how we finance them and where his family lives.

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