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Posts from the ‘Alberta’ Category

The Unforgettable, Forget-Me-Not Pond in Kananaskis

Nestled deep within Kananskis Country's 4000 square kilometre expanse of lofty peaks, sparkling streams and boundless forests, lies the unassuming Forget-Me-Not Pond.

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15 Remarkable Things to do in Drumheller with Kids

The little town of Drumheller is perfect for kids. It has dinosaurs, fossils, extraordinary geography and a long coal-mining history and more for them to explore.

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S(e)oul is where the Heart is

I've never felt less Korean, than the day I was actually surrounded by my own tribe.

How is it that I can feel at home, in a culture that's so far off my inner compass, it's not even on the map?

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Hikes and History: the Lake Agnes Tea House

Four hundred metres above the incomparable Lake Louise, lies the equally exceptional Lake Agnes, and it’s historic Tea House.

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The Incomparable Lake Louise

Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of Mount Victoria, Fairview Mountain and The Beehive Hems, the luminescent turquoise waters of Lake Louise are nothing less than devastating.

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A Stuffed Spectacle: The Torrington Gopher Museum

Since 1996, tourists from around the globe have descended on placid little Torrington, Alberta with a single purpose - to visit the World Famous Torrington Gopher Hole Museum.

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