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The Breakdown: Texas

Driving into Dallas from the airport reminded me of driving home from the airport in Calgary. The landscape, plethora of low rise strip malls and structure of the roads were almost identical. Then as we got closer to the city, Dallas started to feel more like Mississaugaโ€ฆuntil we noticed the absolutely massive big box stores, malls and Tex Mex restaurants all over the place.

What to say about Texas?

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His and Hers RTW Packing Lists

One of the biggest goals for our time in Texas, was to shop and get all geared up for our year of travels. It was a teensy bit stressful trying to get everything done in one week, but it all came together in the end.

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Stereotypes… “solid” impressions of others.

Traveling changes you, and stereotypes are one of the first things that are out of the window when you are exposed to different cultures. Stereotypes, what are stereotypes? They are qualities assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationalities, sexual orientation and so on.

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