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Posts from the ‘Preparation and Planning’ Category

The Breakdown: Colombia Round 1 – Villa de Leyva, Bogota and Guatavita

Colombia is fantastic. Period. One of the best places we've ever had the pleasure of visiting. It made us laugh the first time we saw it, but the government's tourism slogan, "Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting toย Stay," is totally true.

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The Breakdown: Texas

Driving into Dallas from the airport reminded me of driving home from the airport in Calgary. The landscape, plethora of low rise strip malls and structure of the roads were almost identical. Then as we got closer to the city, Dallas started to feel more like Mississaugaโ€ฆuntil we noticed the absolutely massive big box stores, malls and Tex Mex restaurants all over the place.

What to say about Texas?

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The Breakdown: British Columbia

We were visiting British Colombia in wintertime, so we didn't have the best weather, but as far as Canadian winters go, I have to say that it was not bad. Some rain, a little snow, but mostly temperate and enjoyable. However, when the sun was shining and the skies were blue, wow!

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His and Hers RTW Packing Lists

One of the biggest goals for our time in Texas, was to shop and get all geared up for our year of travels. It was a teensy bit stressful trying to get everything done in one week, but it all came together in the end.

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Living Large: Travel budget? What budget?

For our year of travels, we are attempting to stick to an average budget of $100/day total for the both of us. In some countries, this is next to impossible...Canada being one of them. Why then, are we here?

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Leg 1: Canada

For a super auspicious start to our round the world journey yesterday, we were delayed in Seoul for 90 minutes because they didn't have enough water available for the duration of the flight.

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Vaccinated! Getting Yellow Fever Certified in Korea

Mosquitos absolutely love me. Or rather my blood. It doesn't seem to matter how many other tasty veins are around, they all zone into me and I end up with 10 bites, while everyone around me gets off scot-free! The Bear likes to call me his "insect repellent," because they don't bother with him and his furry legs when I'm around.

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Getting a Brazil Tourist Visa in Seoul (in 11 Easy Steps)

For our particular itinerary, Brazil and India are the only 2 countries where we're required to apply for a tourist visa in advance.

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No turning back now – our RTW tickets are booked!

With just twenty days left until our Feb. 20th departure date, it was really time to book our plane tickets. It's not like we were suddenly going to change our minds about the trip, so nothing was stopping us from actually clicking "buy" on the Star Alliance Book and Fly website and moving forward.

Nothing but an unexplained feeling of least in my mind.

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RTW Ticket Costs: Your Originating City Matters

We're on the cusp of booking our RTW tickets...and it's causing a little anxiety. It's a huge amount of money. Not much, when you consider where we're going, and what we're undertaking, but as a single purchase, yeah, it's a lot.

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