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Posts from the ‘The Itinerary’ Category

Our RTW Packing List: An Update

Packing for 365 days of travel around the world wasn't easy. We were forced to anticipate our potential needs for an entire year and pack appropriately for the varying climates, seasons and activities we had planned. The fact that we had to carry everything we needed for the year, on our backs added yet another layer of complication.

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No turning back now – our RTW tickets are booked!

With just twenty days left until our Feb. 20th departure date, it was really time to book our plane tickets. It's not like we were suddenly going to change our minds about the trip, so nothing was stopping us from actually clicking "buy" on the Star Alliance Book and Fly website and moving forward.

Nothing but an unexplained feeling of least in my mind.

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Our RTW Itinerary: Middle East and Asia

After traveling through North and South America, Africa and Europe, we'll have a short stay in the Middle East, before capping off the final leg of our journey in Asia.

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Our RTW Itinerary: Africa and Europe

Last post, I wrote about the North and South America parts of our journey. This is what we have planned for the Africa and Europe legs of our RTW trip.

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Our RTW Itinerary: The Americas

As we get closer to laying down the dollars for our RTW ticket, we're being forced to really drill down into our travel wants versus travel needs.

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Rigging the Route to Save Money

As Canadian citizens, we can usually just show up in a country and get a visa free, or close to visa-free entry. Out of the 25 or so destinations that are on our list, there are only 2 countries that actually involve getting a visa in advance: Brazil and India.

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Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay

Well, at least according to Colombia's Official Travel Guide.

I guess this is the government's rather amusing attempt at dealing with the country's kidnapping/cocaine capital reputation? Events which are apparently much reduced and under control these days, along with decades of civil conflict. Let's hope so!

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Star Alliance RTW Ticket: Version 2

It appears that there is no end to playing with the Star Alliance Around the World planning tool. Pulling it up on my computer ensures the loss of several hours spent plugging different destinations onto the map.

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Star Alliance RTW Ticket: Version 1

I have to say that trying to book an around the world ticket is not easy. After a lot of research and talking to others who had done around the world trips themselves, we decided to go with the Star Alliance Around the World Fare.

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