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Posts from the ‘Argentina’ Category

The Worst Travel Mistakes I’ve Made. Ever.

Missed flights, delays, awful accommodation. Can happen to any of us when we travel. But these...

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The Ultimate Travel Panorama Post (or Where’s Agri?)

In honour of all the fascinating panoramas my trusty Sony has allowed me to shoot all over the world, I've created a little travel quiz, called Where's Agri? What's your best guess?

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Photo Journey: South America’s Most Marvellous Sights

From giant glaciers to huge salt flats to ancient ruins, there's no doubt that there's a lot to catch your eye in South America.

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The Breakdown: Argentina

In our preplanning we'd classified Argentina as one of our 'budget' destinations, but the reality was much, much more expensive than we'd anticipated. Over the course of our 37 day stay, we managed to spend a grand total of...

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2 Weeks of Travel in Buenos Aires

We really, really thought we'd love Buenos Aires. We were so sure of it, that we planned the longest stop of our entire round the world trip there.


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Wasting Time in Colonia del Sacramento

Almost every single travel guide or blog I read about Buenos Aires, recommended a day trip across the Rio Uruguay, to the tiny town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Lonely Planet describes the town as having "‘it’, whatever that is, as well as enough restaurants, bars and nightlife to keep you happy for weeks."

Weeks?! We couldn't keep ourselves amused there for even one day...

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The Floralis Genérica

So we were wandering the streets of Buenos Aires on one of the few totally clear and sunny days we had during our 2 week stay there, and we stumbled upon this giant steel flower, lurking next to the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Though we were kinda bewildered by the sight, it turns out that the bloom is actually very well-known.

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Cafe Tortoni: A Cup of Argentinian Coffee History

With an astounding 60% of Argentinians having Italian ancestry, it's no surprise that coffee culture in Buenos Aires is robust and thriving. With small, independent neighbourhood cafes, local chains like The Coffee Store, and even Starbucks, lurking throughout the city, it's super easy to get your daily dose of required caffeine - something that made this particular coffee addict, very, very happy.

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La Recoleta Cemetery: Burial Ground of the Rich and Famous

Spending an afternoon wandering around a graveyard isn't really high on my list of fun activities, but I made an exception for La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The high terrain of the Recoleta area first attracted wealthy families trying to escape deadly yellow fever and cholera outbreaks in the late 1870s...

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Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires? Bus Travel in Argentina

Our tips for bus travel in Argentina.

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