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Photo Journey: South America’s Most Marvellous Sights

From giant glaciers to huge salt flats to ancient ruins, there's no doubt that there's a lot to catch your eye in South America.

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The List: 6 Top South American Travel Experiences

We experienced so much during our 3 month stay in South America, that it's hard to pinpoint a few favourite experiences, but nonetheless we're going to try.

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The List: Our Favourite South American Countries

For 93 days, we traversed mighty South America.

Each of the 5 countries we visited, offered us a multitude of sights, adventures and tastes to explore, but which places, experiences and meals stood above the rest?

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The Breakdown: Colombia Round 2 – Cartagena, Taganga, La Guajira

We loved Colombia so much that we returned for a second round after we completed the Inca Trail in Peru. On our first trip, we`d spent our time in Bogota and the surrounding area, so for this portion of the trip, we decided to concentrate our energies on the northern Caribbean coast of Colombia.

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The Quebrada Valencia and Lucas’ Coconut Plantation.

Dawn breaks, and no one is in the hut. Felipe is somewhere meditating, Poncho and Omar are already in the water, battling the high waves. A quick dip in the water, a weak Colombian coffee, and we find ourselves on the road again, Latin tunes blasting out the car window.

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Taganga and the Three Muskateers

We're in a minibus on the way to Santa Marta. We're on a hunt for beaches to dwell on and this old colonial city promises just that. Felipe, our friend from Guatavita is also on the way, and it's very likely that we'll meet up, though where and when is yet to be established.

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Cartagena, Beautiful Cartagena

Adios Cuzco, Au revoir Lima, Ola Cartagena. Finally Cartagena.

Ten years ago I was very close to coming here with a co-worker of mine, but as fate would have it, the trip never materialized. Yet I always had my sights set on visiting and finally here we were.

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The Breakdown: Colombia Round 1 – Villa de Leyva, Bogota and Guatavita

Colombia is fantastic. Period. One of the best places we've ever had the pleasure of visiting. It made us laugh the first time we saw it, but the government's tourism slogan, "Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay," is totally true.

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The Search for Colombian Coffee in Colombia

Coffee. I think it's the one addiction I have left...and believe me, there have been quite a few. Some of them benign and some of them quite destructive I'm afraid. Fortunately, that's all ancient history and this fixation on coffee in all it's delicious guises is what I've got left. Not so bad in the grand scheme of things...

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La Juanita Finca Verde: Good Vibes in Guatavita

There’s a special combination of good company, good food, and good times that’s very soothing to the spirit. This was certainly the case at La Juanita, a beautiful farm on Lake Guatavita, a hop, skip and a jump away from the craziness of Bogota, and our night of ayahuasca.

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