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Posts from the ‘Uruguay’ Category

The Best Things We Ate on our Trip Around the World

5 continents, 25 countries. What were the best things we ate on our trip around the world?

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Veni, Vidi, Comi: South America’s Most Delectable Dishes

We came, we saw, we ate.

Yup, that handily sums up our South American travel experience. After all, no foray into a new country is complete without noshing on the local cuisine...

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The Breakdown: Uruguay – Montevideo, Salto and Colonia del Sacramento

Our breakdown on traveling in Uruguay, including tips on travel, food, attractions and a budget breakdown.

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Wasting Time in Colonia del Sacramento

Almost every single travel guide or blog I read about Buenos Aires, recommended a day trip across the Rio Uruguay, to the tiny town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Lonely Planet describes the town as having "‘it’, whatever that is, as well as enough restaurants, bars and nightlife to keep you happy for weeks."

Weeks?! We couldn't keep ourselves amused there for even one day...

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Uruguay to Argentina: A Night in Salto

We'd wanted to learn how to ride horses with the gauchos of Tacuarembo, but when we couldn't get that organized in time (some things really must be planned in advance), we cut our losses and headed north to the small town of Salto, 496 kilometres northwest of Montevideo.

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Uruguay: The Suburb of South America

This small country on the Rio de la Plata, pincered between Argentina and Brazil, proudly boasts that it's made up of 3 million people and 9 million cattle. Ranching is big here, making it home to some very fine steaks, good milk and quality leather jackets...

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