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Travelin’ Toronto: Friends and Food

A return to Toronto always involves reunions with dear friends and ridiculous amounts of food.

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We’re the Wanderlust Travel Magazine Blog of the Week!

One of our blogs was selected as the Wanderlust Travel Magazine's Blog of the Week!

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Our RTW Packing List: An Update

Packing for 365 days of travel around the world wasn't easy. We were forced to anticipate our potential needs for an entire year and pack appropriately for the varying climates, seasons and activities we had planned. The fact that we had to carry everything we needed for the year, on our backs added yet another layer of complication.

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Our Interview on Budget Your Trip

We've been using the excellent Budget Your Trip website to track our budget on this adventure of ours, and lo and behold, they found us and interviewed us about our trip for their blog!

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Travel Essentials: The Toothbrush Bear

Traveling on a budget can be downright disgusting. Whether it's sheets that just don't seem 100% clean, grungy, paper-thin walls or stained and grimy toilets, there are definitely sacrifices that must be made to benefit from super cheap lodging.

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