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Expectations and Revelations


People say that when traveling, it is best not to have any expectations about your future experiences. Expectations limit you. Whether good or bad, your experiences are defined by your previous expectations of it. Maybe your experience is better than expected, maybe worse, yet it’s still in reference to your preconceived notions of the experience.

We expected to have great Tex-Mex in Dallas, and yes it lived up to our expectations. We expected Peru to be dirt cheap and… it’s cheap, but not as cheap as expected. You expect Colombia to be a third world country, the people to be poor and out to get you, you expect  it to be dangerous, watch out, who’s that behind you?

Surprise Birthday Party

Revelations, on the other hand, are beautiful surprises. And so far, by far, the most beautiful surprise of all was to discover how beautiful the Colombian people are. Marta, Felipe, Carolina, the Taita, the list goes on and on. From taxi drivers to corn roasters, we found that people are able to live life with an open heart, cheerfully, connected to the rhythms of the land, of Mother Nature, humbly proud of themselves. And that the beauty of the human soul is so genuine that it’s infectious and… unwillingly… part of it becomes yours to take, wherever life brings you.

And that’s why we love traveling so much. To shatter the expectations of the places we’ve visited, in our head, and completely surprise us with a new narrative, a new perspective of this beautiful world. To unconsciously make us into better beings, better inhabitants of Mother Earth..To expect less and… discover more.

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