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All this talk of Chinese food has made me hungry. Missing dim sum, Chinese broccoli and wonton soup…why not go to Ground Zero? Yup, you guessed it. Hong Kong! Last minute trip booked for October 20th!

I admit it, we’re total travel junkies, ready to jump on a plane at the slightest inclination. So what if we’ve only been back in Seoul for a few months? So what if we’re supposed to be saving for our big trip?

Actually, I think we might have a problem. It used to be that we could stay in one place for about 6 months continuously, before feeling like we needed to go traveling elsewhere. But as of late, our “threshold until travel (TUT)” window seems to have been significantly reduced. It’s only been a few months and I definitely have itchy feet.

At the very least, this trip is essentially free. Once we tossed the idea out there, a quick look at the Aeroplan website cinched it. For some reason, flights on Star Alliance partner airlines in Asia require way less points than in North America. Only 40,000 points for 2 roundtrip plane tickets from Seoul to Hong Kong, and on some pretty decent airlines. Add to it, that the 5 year anniversary of when The Bears met is coming up, and how can you say no?

Can’t wait to get my chopsticks on some dim sum…

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