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Impromptu Travels: Insta-Winter!

Finally, the icy fingers of winter have started to release their death grip on Seoul. No more Siberian winds, bare trees and layers of clothes. Hooray!


Truthfully though, I can’t complain too much about suffering through winter, because I ended up taking not 1, but 2, last minute trips to climes much warmer than Korea.

Hong Kong

  1. Lamma Island is just a 30 minute ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Spending a day basking in the sun, next to the water, pushed the cold far into the recesses of my mind.
  2. I loved the graphic colours of the subway signage inside Hong Kong’s subway stations.




  1. Food trends blanket Seoul at tremendous speeds, and right now, it’s all about cheese. At James Cheese Back Ribs, your baby back ribs come with a huge platter of jalapeño spiced cheese. Probably not the healthiest, but definitely tasty!
  2. Juggumi is baby octopus that’s pan-fried right in front of you at your table. 오쭈’s version is so spicy that it can only be survived by ordering a side of cheese fondue to dip it into. Sounds weird, right? But it’s fusion at it’s most delicious.
  3. If you love coffee like I do, Seoul is nirvana. There are so many cafes popping up all over the place, all the time, that it’s impossible to keep up. I was mighty happy about stumbling into “Connect To,” a new cafe in the Lotte World SuperTower. I felt like I was sipping my latte in a spaceship.




Bali and the Gili Islands

  1. The sun rising, coloured the rice paddies around Ubud in warm tones. It’s my serene, happy place. 🙂
  2. When we weren’t on one of Gili Air’s gorgeous beaches, we were in Villa Karang’s gorgeous infinity pool.
  3. Indonesian sunsets are amongst the most stunning I’ve seen. At Mowie’s, beanbags on the beach and Cafe del Mar style music elevated the experience even more.



We’re not the best Instagrammers around (might have to do with the ancient iPhone 4 I’m still using – time to upgrade?), but if you’d like to follow along on our Korea adventures or whenever we travel abroad, connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see you there. 🙂

What did you get up to this winter?

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  1. Good to know you guys have instagram 🙂

    March 16, 2015
  2. Cool photos.

    March 16, 2015
  3. I still have avoided Instagram however due to some projects I might even join there. Anyways, during winter we have done basically nothing at all, just stayed home and tried to escaped the grey and cold world as much as possible in a cozy living room 🙂

    March 16, 2015
    • Honestly, I’m a really terrible Instagrammer…and don’t post nearly enough, unless I’m traveling somewhere…but I do find it useful to post a quick photo, when I don’t have the time to write a full blog post, and I enjoy it’s “in-the-moment” feeling.

      Your cozy living room sounds like the ideal place to spend winter. 😀

      March 17, 2015
      • Indeed the living room was sufficient this winter but I do hope to have some warmer place with sunshine for next winter at least for a few days 🙂

        March 17, 2015
  4. Loved the last three pics. Ever thought of switching to Android? 😀

    April 5, 2015

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