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Summer must’ve missed Seoul, because she’s returned earlier than normal, and with a vengeance.

It’s only June 2nd, and we’ve already been hit by several over 30 degree Celsius days, not to mention the accompanying humidity. We’re back to running from air-conditioned shop to air-conditioned shop, or hiding indoors (or at least I am).

It makes me ache for the comfortable days, relaxed pace and fresh flowers of spring in a big way.


So, without further ado – the first in a series of quarterly posts I’ll be doing via our Instagram account.

Seoul Food

  1. Roasted vegetable bibimbap in a hot stone bowl is one of those Korean comfort foods that I can’t live without.
  2. Sulfur-fed and slow roasted duck is one of Korea’s “medicinal” foods. Medicinal or not, it was delicious.
  3. We (well, Agri) tried BBQ pork skin for the first time. Fail.
  4. With shaved ice, sweet red beans and rice cakes on top, patbingsu is THE classic Korean summer treat.

Seoul Lifestyle

  1. In Korea, there are credit cards that get you Starbucks at 50% off! I couldn’t believe it either.
  2. Agri ran his first 10 kilometre race, next to the Han River, without an ounce of training, and still managed a sub 45 minute time. Sometimes I want to throttle him. 😉
  3. An adorable little cafe opened next to the river, 1 block from our apartment. I foresee a lot of time spent here.
  4. Sometimes Korean skincare makes me worry.

Seoul Friends and Family

  1. This night of playing Settlers of Catan in a board game cafe, started an unhealthy addiction for some.
  2. This is my favourite picture! On a visit from Canada, my dad and Agri ended up in “couple look,” not once, but TWICE! 😀

Seoul Scenes

  1. An empty Seoul subway is like a dream come true.
  2. Wondering around our apartment complex one day, we found a tree made entirely of lego
  3.  Ahh!! Those cherry blossoms.
  4. And finally, a candlelight memorial to the victims of Sewol at Buddha’s birthday lantern parade. It says: Share the Pain.

We’re not the best Instagrammers around, but putting this post together was actually a lot of fun! If you’d like to follow along, you can find us at:

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  1. Sha #

    I love patbingsu in summer…;)

    We actually have something similar here in singapore called ice kacang. Same concept only we have the beans under all the ice and smother it in syrup….yumzz….:)

    June 2, 2014
    • That one was really good! The dduk was really tasty and the ice was so soft…really creamy. I’ve had ones with chunky ice, and I guess there is some debate about which is better, but I’m definitely in the very fine shaved ice camp now! Where’s your favourite place to get patbingsu in Seoul? I haven’t tried to many places…

      June 3, 2014
      • Sha #

        I didn’t manage to try a lot of places too because I usually visited for short periods but the craziest time I had bingsu was last winter.

        I had milk tea bingsu in one of the tea houses at insadong. Crazy because I finished 3/4 of it even during the winter cold. Hahaha. But it was milk tea! The chances of getting milk tea in korea is so low and I LOVE milk tea. Hahaha. I too prefer mine finely shaved…it tastes nicer when it melts just a little bit…:)

        June 3, 2014
        • Seriously!!??? When was the last time you were here? I think you’ll be very happy next time you come because bubble tea and bubble milk tea has exploded here. It’s on every other street corner now – lol – you know how things are in Seoul. I recommend GongCha when you come. You can adjust sugar and ice level to your taste!! 😀

          June 5, 2014
          • Sha #

            I was there last December…:)

            Wow, really? Bubble tea craze going on now? I LOVE BUBBLE TEA!!! ^O^ That happened to Singapore years ago too but Gongcha has actually been around for some time here. I remember getting so excited at seeing Gongcha in Seoul. Back then, I kept dropping by the branch at dongdaemun to get my fix…I remember it was still quite new and not much people back then…

            But you just made me happy with this news!…got to start booking for the trip this year end now. Hehe…^__^

            June 5, 2014
  2. Great photos!

    June 3, 2014
  3. Wow, this is great! I really like what you did with the groups of four instagram pictures. Great post! Summer has come to us as well but now the rain is here:( Make up your mind, weather!

    June 3, 2014
    • Thanks a lot!!! We had a bit of rain a few days ago and it was actually a great relief. Cleared some of the crazy humidity out of the air and gave us clear skies for once! It’s so nice to be able to see the mountains ringing the city!!

      June 5, 2014
  4. I just started following you on Instagram.
    I would love to see the cherry blossoms in real life 🙂

    June 3, 2014
    • Thanks for following!! 😀 Seeing the cherry blossoms is worth a trip to Asia, I think. 😉

      June 5, 2014
  5. Oh, I’m drooling over these food pictures. Bibimbap for sure. 😀 <3
    And lego tree is super awesome.

    June 20, 2016
    • Oooooh, I’d love to eat some bibimbap right about now… no korean food where we are right now. Just croissants and quiche. 😉

      June 26, 2016

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