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Leg 1: Canada

For a super auspicious start to our round the world journey yesterday, we were delayed in Seoul for 90 minutes because they didn’t have enough water available for the duration of the flight. This seemed like a very strange reason, but it turned out to be true – 3 hours into the flight, there was no water coming out of the taps in the bathroom!! The attendants dealt with this by placing large bottles of drinking water on the sink (but sheesh, you’d think Canada’s national airline would be a little better prepared!)

Nonetheless the flight was uneventful and the food was actually not bad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We arrived at Vancouver International Airport 11 hours later. For the first time in a few years, we were actually residents of the country we were visiting, so immigration was a breeze. Made even breezier by the ‘auto-immigration’ kiosks available for Canadian residents. We were totally impressed by the ease of using these machines. You simply scan your passports and customs declaration, wait for it to spit out a copy of the customs form, and you’re finished. It took literally 30 seconds. Hooray for wise uses of technology!

We took the Canada line skytrain downtown to our hotel. We were able to purchase tickets right on the platform by credit card. At $8.75 each, they were an inexpensive way of getting from the airport to the city, especially since you’re able to use the same ticket for a full 90 minutes on buses and other public transport. A taxi downtown runs about $30 – $35.

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We’re using these first few weeks of our trip to recover from jetlag, gear up and reconnect with friends and family. So far Vancouver has been friends, sushi and Tim Horton’s…ah yes, we’re really back in Canada now!

We’re attempting to keep detailed records of our budgets in each country and striving to spend an average of $100/day total for both of us on this trip (not including international flights). We know that Canada’s budget will definitely be on the higher end of all the country’s we visit, but we’re counting on places in South America and Asia to equalize things for us a little (fingers crossed).

We’re tracking our budgets on the Budget Your Trip website.

Our Canada budget can be found here: Vancouver/Victoria budget

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