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Living Large: Travel budget? What budget?

Rainbows in Vancouver

Rainbows in Vancouver

For our year of travels, we are attempting to stick to an average budget of $100/day total for the both of us. In some countries, this is next to impossible…Canada being one of them. Why then, are we here?

Actually, there’s quite a few logical reasons. On the RTW ticket, it’s impossible to fly direct to South America from Seoul. It’s necessary to make some kind of stopover in North America, be it LA, San Francisco or Vancouver. We chose Vancouver because we haven’t set foot on Canadian soil for a year and a half, despite being Canadian citizens. It was about time. Vancouver was also the most direct destination and least amount of mileage – important when you’re tabulating the miles on your RTW ticket.

And finally, my parents were able to fly out from Calgary and meet us. We haven’t seen them since our wedding last July, so it was a great opportunity to spend time together before we disappear for a year. It’s also the longest period of time the 4 of us have spent together…and in a 1 bedroom hotel room no less! So far, so good…

The Parental Units

The Parental Units

Since they only see us in person once a year, they really want to spoil us in the time that we’re together. Let’s call it ‘Asian Parent Syndrome’. I resisted this a lot as a teenager/young adult – something about being independent – but now that I’m older and wiser, I say, bring it on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The King of the Crabs

The King of the Crabs

So the last few days have been a jaunt on the flipside of the traveling coin for us. The side where you don’t think about budget and how much things cost. The side where you stay at the Sheraton downtown and eat Alaskan King crab for dinner one night and filet mignon the next.

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The side that will be mostly beyond our reach for the next year, which is why we have to do all we can to enjoy it fully now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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