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Posts tagged ‘hiking’

Postcards from Seoraksan National Park: Fall Colours

Seoraksan is one of the country's most beloved fall foliage spots.

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From Sokcho to Seoraksan: Part 2, The Mountain

Our time by the beach was up. Next stop: the Seorak Mountains.

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Hikes and History: the Lake Agnes Tea House

Four hundred metres above the incomparable Lake Louise, lies the equally exceptional Lake Agnes, and it’s historic Tea House.

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Table Mountain: 2, Us: 0

She looms gorgeously over our Bo-Kaap guesthouse, daring us to conquer her precarious trails and rocky peaks.

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Lost City of the Incas: Machu Picchu

Now...where were we?

Oh yes, sitting in the fog after hiking for 4 days and 42km. We waited around for an hour or so, hoping that the fog would lift and we would be rewarded with the magical view of Machu Picchu we'd been dreaming about, but alas, it was not to be.

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Rain, Rain Go Away: The Inca Trail Day 3

With the trials and tribulations of Dead Woman’s Pass already a fading memory, I awoke feeling eager to conquer the challenges of Day 3. That is, until I heard the unwelcome tap tap of raindrops against the canvas of our tent.

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Dead Woman in the Pass: Shelley’s Inca Trail Experience (Day 1 and 2)

I'm just 200 metres from the peak of Dead Woman's Pass, but it might as well be 2000...

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Arequipa and the Canyon that was Not to Be

I had never heard of Arequipa until I looked at a map of Peru, but apparently a lot of travelers stop here en-route to Cuzco or Puno, in an attempt to acclimatize more gradually to the high altitudes.

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