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The Ayahuasca Experience: Shelley’s Story

When I return from the bathroom, the Bear is lying prone on the floor. Griselda and Felipe seem to be watching over him, and the Taita is singing icaros and blowing incense smoke over his body. The music is haunting and beautiful to listen to, but it's as though I've transited through a wormhole (yes, a wormhole located in the bathroom) and returned to a world completely different from the one I left not moments ago.

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A Night with the Taita: Our Colombian Ayahuasca Experience

It's our fifth night in Colombia, and we're crammed onto a dilapidated bus that's zig-zagging up the side of a curving mountain, on the south side of Bogota. Our travel companions are the Colombian, Felipe, who, with his brother Nico, runs La Juanita, and Griselda from Spain. It's a night of firsts. We've all just met for the first time, and for all but Felipe, it's a first experience with the Amazonian medicine plant, ayahuasca.

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