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42km and then…The Inca Trail Day 4

When we reach the Winay Wayna campsite late on the evening of Day 3, for once, the sky above us remains cool and dry. After our arduous 16km day, I expect to be completely exhausted, but the mood in the campsite is jovial and exuberant. All around us, I can hear the sound of different groups cheering and clapping for their porters, and thanking them for all of their work over the last 4 days.

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Rain, Rain Go Away: The Inca Trail Day 3

With the trials and tribulations of Dead Woman’s Pass already a fading memory, I awoke feeling eager to conquer the challenges of Day 3. That is, until I heard the unwelcome tap tap of raindrops against the canvas of our tent.

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Dead Woman in the Pass: Shelley’s Inca Trail Experience (Day 1 and 2)

I'm just 200 metres from the peak of Dead Woman's Pass, but it might as well be 2000...

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A Walk to Machu Picchu: Agri’s Story

Great civilizations have always intrigued me. One might even say that I am a history geek. Living in Athens and Rome for many years only fueled this passion. I like reading about the Egyptians, the Romans, the Chinese, learning about the Mayans and their way of life.

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