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Posts tagged ‘travel’

How to Order Coffee in Italy (without sticking out like a sore thumb)

Ordering your daily java in Italy can be seriously intimidating. Here's how to do it without completely outing yourself as a tourist.

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A Tale of 2 Hotels: Where to Stay in Vienna

I accidentally booked a hotel for the wrong night! but thanks to the amazing customer service at Starlight Hotels, it all worked out okay...

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City Icon: Namsan’s North Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is a true icon of Seoul that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city from its lofty perch atop Namsan.

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Travel Memory: A Sunset Felucca Ride down the Nile

A sunset cruise on the Nile by traditional felucca was one of the best things we did in Egypt.

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How to Survive a Super-Hot, Super-Humid Seoul Summer

A Seoul summer is a sticky, sweaty force to be reckoned with. Here's how Seoulites survive the worst 2 weather months of the year.

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Astounding Augmented Reality at Seoul’s Trickeye Museum

The centuries old trompe d'oeil technique used at the Trickeye Museum has been updated with something super futuristic - augmented reality!

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Nudists for a Day: Our Visit to Badija Island

Our "full" Croatian experience on tiny Badija Island in Croatia.

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Flying with an Infant: 6 Airlines, 6 Reviews

Flying with a little person on your lap isn't always fun, but some airlines definitely make the experience better than others. (You might be surprised by the airline we DIDN'T like).

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Le Tatin: the best little Crêperie in Seoul you don’t know about

Le Tatin offers a rare thing in Seoul - affordable savoury crepes.

Even better? These ones are Français-friend tested and approved!

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Peach Gray: Watercolours, Pancakes and Coffee

Dog, cat, raccoon, meerkat, book, board game, wedding dress, and even poop. Yup! Seoul is full of weird cafes.

Visit Peach Gray for painting and pancakes.

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