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Our Holiday Tradition: Traveling

So it’s Christmas Day, and I’ve realized that we don’t really have any holiday traditions. We don’t have a tree. We don’t buy each other gifts. We don’t decorate the apartment with mistletoe.

In fact, in our house, Christmas could be a day just like any other, except for that everyone has the day off.

It got me wondering just what the heck we’ve been doing for our last 7 holiday seasons together. And I realized that our holiday tradition has been, more often than not, to take a trip somewhere.

2007: Camaguey, Cuba

2008: Beijing

2010: Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Italy

2011: Templestay at Gangwha Island

2012: Agra, India

This year, true to pattern, we started searching for a flight to anywhere other than Seoul. First we thought Bali. Then Okinawa. Then Vietnam. Then Guam. When we found a $300 round-trip flight to Manila, we were pretty damn close to pulling the trigger on the Philippines. But none of these seemed quite right.

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What felt right was to stay in Seoul and cozy up in the warmth of our home.

Happy holidays from our family to yours. Wishing you all a wonderful time with the ones you love…no matter where you are. 🙂

Do you have special holiday traditions? What are they?

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  1. i have some sort of a Christmas and New Year Away from Home tradition too! It’s just really nice to mark then end and a beginning of a year in a new place. But this year i’m grounded at home and it feels…not too bad after all!

    December 26, 2013
    • I totally agree, especially when that place is warm and involves a beach and some pina coladas!!! 😉 But yeah, this year it feels good NOT to be moving. Grounding is a good way to put it. Happy holidays!!! 🙂

      December 26, 2013
  2. That’s exactly what I commented to another blog. Christmas is just a regular for me, except that I’m happy I get the days off. 😀 You are well-travelled. Safe trips. Merry Christmas!

    December 26, 2013
    • Merry Christmas Rommel!! Have a wonderful holiday, and looking forward to reading many more of your posts in 2014! 🙂

      December 26, 2013

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