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Traveling on a budget can be downright disgusting. Whether it’s sheets that just don’t seem 100% clean, grungy, paper-thin walls or stained and grimy toilets, there are definitely sacrifices that must be made to benefit from super cheap lodging.

Most budget travelers take the good with the bad. The spider bite sustained while sleeping under a hole-ridden mosquito net in a Thai bungalow on the beach becomes a travel war story, evidence that exotic locales were indeed visited. We convince ourselves that the nastiness we wouldn’t accept at home is part of the traveling experience. I am as guilty as anyone else. There are countless things that I acquiesce to traveling that I would never tolerate at home: lack of air conditioning in humid 35 degree heat, mosquitos buzzing away in my ear while I’m trying to sleep, locks that barely hold the door closed and worst of all, filthy bathrooms.

There is a limit to this though, and it all ends with my toothbrush. My toothbrush must never make contact with the bathroom sink, counter or whatever manner of receptacle is available in the bathroom. The thought of it touching all the germs of travelers past makes me gag. It has to go in my mouth after all, and the whole point of brushing is to fight off infection and keep things clean in there, not fill it with god knows what.

This is where my toothbrush bear comes in. It’s true that my toothbrush bear is beyond cute, but he is incredibly practical too. He sticks firmly to any shiny surface and he’s so faithful, he would never dare fall and land on a dirty floor or in a filthy sink. His favourite place is right onto the mirror above the sink, but if I’m staying somewhere that doesn’t provide a mirror (yes, it has happened), he’ll happily reside on the window. The toothbrush bear is content everywhere and so simple to use.

Pop open his belly.

Place the toothbrush inside for safekeeping.

Snap it back into place. Look at how joyful the toothbrush bear is to be guarding my toothbrush from germs! He is definitely an essential travel partner. I can’t imagine how I ever left home without him.

Of course the Bear has one too. Only his is a rhino. It would be weird if the Bear put a toothbrush inside his own belly, wouldn’t it?


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