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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

This week’s Photo Challenge is about Street Life.

I love photographing street life in whichever place we’re visiting. Museums and attractions can give you a false or contrived impression of a city, but when you’re just chilling out in a cafe or walking in a local market, you get a real feeling for what it’s like to actually live there.

The historic centre of Rome might be the one exception. It can be difficult to get a sense of what life is like for the average Roman, when the surroundings are so full of majesty. Feeling like a huge open-air museum, it doesn’t seem to matter which corner you turn, there’s always some kind of grand, historic monument. The place is understandably always crawling with tourists.

To me, the picture below feels like Rome, without all the magnificence. The scooters, gorgeous buildings, chiaroscuro of dusk, and cobblestone streets all remind me of strolling around Rome’s streets, with my favourite stracciatela flavoured gelato in hand.


But it turns out that even this average Roman street, isn’t so typical after all.

Located at the intersection of Via dell Quattro Fontane and Via del Quirinale, it’s the site of 4 late Renaissance fountains, commissioned by Pope Sixtus V, between 1588 and 1593. The 4 fountains symbolize the Tiber River (Rome), the Arno River (Florence), the Goddess Diana (Chastity) and the Goddess Juno (Strength).

Perhaps this is as “average” as it gets in Rome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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