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Posts tagged ‘Seoul’

2018 Festival Guide: Where to Get Your Cherry Blossom On in Korea

Every spring, an eagerly anticipated silvery pink wave of luminescent gorgeousness sweeps it's way up the Korean Peninsula. Here's where you can get a glimpse of this ephemeral event.

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Where to Eat in Jamsil Saenae, Seoul

The area around Seoul's Jamsil Saenae station isn't just a wasteland of intestine barbecue restaurants, chain cafes, hofs, and claw arcades.

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11 MORE Things to do in Korea This Winter

Don't hibernate till the cherry blossoms bloom! Throw on your long padding coat and venture forth bravely into the frostiest of Korea’s seasons.

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9 Things to do in Seoul over Chuseok

This year's Chuseok is an unprecedented 10 days off in a row. Here's some ideas for what to do if you're sticking around the city.

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Vault: A Steakhouse you can Bank on in Seoul

It isn't cheap, but if you're looking for a steak you can bank on in Seoul, Cheongdam's Vault is a sure bet.

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City Icon: Namsan’s North Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is a true icon of Seoul that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city from its lofty perch atop Namsan.

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Astounding Augmented Reality at Seoul’s Trickeye Museum

The centuries old trompe d'oeil technique used at the Trickeye Museum has been updated with something super futuristic - augmented reality!

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Le Tatin: the best little Crêperie in Seoul you don’t know about

Le Tatin offers a rare thing in Seoul - affordable savoury crepes.

Even better? These ones are Français-friend tested and approved!

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Infinite Views at Seoul Sky Observatory

Seoul Sky should be on everyone's must see list.

The views from Korea's tallest building and the 3rd highest observation deck in the world are astounding.

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Peach Gray: Watercolours, Pancakes and Coffee

Dog, cat, raccoon, meerkat, book, board game, wedding dress, and even poop. Yup! Seoul is full of weird cafes.

Visit Peach Gray for painting and pancakes.

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