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I Might be a Giant: Tiny Trees through the Seasons

I'm pretty sure I might be a giant. At least when I look out my apartment window.

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Postcards from Seoraksan National Park: Fall Colours

Seoraksan is one of the country's most beloved fall foliage spots.

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You say Bouchon, I say Bouchon: 2 to Try in Lyon, France

My list of "Things to Do in Lyon" was:

1. Eat.
2. Eat at a bouchon.

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S(e)oul is where the Heart is

I've never felt less Korean, than the day I was actually surrounded by my own tribe.

How is it that I can feel at home, in a culture that's so far off my inner compass, it's not even on the map?

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6 Reasons Why Agios Prokopios is my Perfect Beach

Even a visit to the Maldives failed to knock Naxos' Agios Prokopios off it's throne. It remains my favourite beach in the world. And here's why.

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The Way: Daddy’s Poem for Naia

A poem for my daughter, Naia, on her 1st birthday.

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Dear Naia: On Your 1st Birthday

Today, you're incredibly a year old. Already. *sob*

Happy birthday, my sweetest love.

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When a Caffe and Cornetto isn’t Enough, There’s Rome’s Bakery House

When you're in Rome, and the thought of one more caffe and cornetto become too much, the Bakery House will save you with a western style brunch.

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A Different Version of Greece on Lefkada Island

The absence of blue and white in Lefkada, makes me feel like I'm not in Greece.

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The Singular Edges of Santorini, Greece

There's no place in the world like Santorini.

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