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Gorgeous Colombia

We’re driving through the town of Guatavita, which is gorgeous, but almost completely deserted. Felipe, a new Colombian friend, explains that in the highlands, people tend to rise early and go to sleep early.

It’s cold without the sun, and when the sun disappears, so do the people. Into their homes they go, probably to warm their hands around a crackling fire. I can’t help but think that this is because Colombians are more connected to the rhythms of nature than we are. And with good reason. In Colombia, you are totally surrounded by the lushness and greenness of Mother Earth at every turn. Even in Bogota, a densely packed city of 9 million, the houses seem to be built on the sides of mountains, and tucked into masses of trees.

In the rural areas, Nature is beyond spectacular, and while staying at Felipe’s farm La Juanita, us two totally committed night owls started going to bed at 10PM and waking up at 8. It became almost impossible to stay asleep while the sun was up!

It makes me wonder what kind of impact the conveniences of modern civilization have on our natural rhythms? What happens inside our bodies when fluorescent lights and neon keep us awake long past the setting of the sun? And conversely, when black out curtains and too late nights, leave us in bed until noon?

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