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Pale pink cherry blossoms might signal spring, but it’s lovely lavender that marks early summer in Korea. Peaking in the month of June, a day spent amongst these fragrant flowers is sure to fill you with peace.

herb one lavender festival in korea

Herb One has the largest lavender fields in Korea © Choi Eunju, Korea Tourism Organization

There are several places to enjoy lavender in Korea, but the Herb One Lavender Festival tempts visitors with the largest purple panoramas in the country.

If you’re willing to take on a bit of travel to get to Jeongeup, it’s definitely worth the trip!

Herb One Lavender Festival | 허브원 라벤더축제

Sure, it’s possible to find lavender closer to Seoul at Herb Island in Pocheon, Hani Lavender Farm in Goseong, or Herb Village in Yeoncheon – but if you’re looking for vast vistas of violet, Herb One Cafe in Jeollabuk-do Province is the place to go.

jeongeup herb one lavender festival

Herb One

Lavender is planted across 30,000 pyeong of Herb One’s 100,000 pyeong farmland. This is equivalent to a land area of nearly 100,000 square metres!

Herb One Lavender Festival Quick Guide | 정읍 허브원

Lavender Festival Dates

June 1st - June 30th, 2024

Address in English

188-29, Guryang1-gil, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do

Address in Korean

전북 정읍시 구량1길 188-29

Operating hours

6:00 - 19:00 (last entry at 18:30)

Admission Fees

Ages 14+: 7,000 won | Ages 3 - 13: 4,000 won | 36 months or less: free

Transport Options

Rent a car, DIY by train (3+ hours), express bus (3+ hours)

When is the Herb One Lavender Festival?

Festival Dates: June 1st – June 30th, 2024

The lavender festival in Jeongeup typically starts sometime in May, and lasts throughout the month of June.

In 2024, the Herb One Lavender Festival is scheduled for June 1st to June 30th.

herb one lavender festival in korea

Some spots have fully bloomed lavender in early June.

Last year, we ended up at Jeongeup’s massive fields of lavender during the first week of June. While it was undeniably pretty, there was still quite a lot of flora left to bloom.

I recommend visiting during the latter half of the festival dates to enjoy fuller fields of flowers, and more of that delicious lavender fragrance.

jeongeup herb one lavender farm

Visit in the latter half of June for fuller fields of lavender.

Where is Herb One Cafe in Korea?

Address: 188-29, Guryang1-gil, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do | 전북 정읍시 구량1길 188-29

Herb One is a huge farm and cafe located in Jeollabuk-do Province. It’s approximately 250-km south of the capital.

Herb One Cafe and Lavender Festival in Korea

Herb One Cafe sits at the top of all that amazing lavender.

If you really want to, it IS possible to take a day trip to the Herb One Lavender Festival from Seoul.

However, there’s so many wonderful things to see and do in Jeollabuk-do Province, I definitely recommend spending a few nights in the region if you can.

Aside from Jeongeup, the small cities of Jeonju and Iksan are worth a visit. All 3 cities are within an hour of each other, and it’s possible to access all of them using either train or intercity bus.

iksan mireuksa temple

Iksan was part of the Baekje Dynasty in Korea

Iksan isn’t really on the tourist radar, but it’s a UNESCO World Heritage city, and the only Baekje Historic Area located in Jeollabuk-do. The others are Gongju and Buyeo – both in neighbouring Chungcheongnam-do Province (also worth a visit!)

Jeonju, on the other hand, is well known for the largest traditional hanok village in Korea, its famous bibimbap, and a chilled out vibe. Jeonju is the province’s largest city, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It’s fun and easy to explore in a day or two.

jeonju hanok village

Jeonju Hanok Village is located in Jeollabuk-do!

JEONJU TO SEOUL KTX TICKETS  |  After exploring all that Jeonju has to offer, hop on the KTX high speed train for a fast and easy transit back to Seoul. Check details here.

How do I get to Jeongeup from Seoul?

It’s not complicated to get to Jeongeup from Seoul, but it can be a little time-consuming (hence the recommendation to check out a few nearby destinations at the same time).

herb one lavender festival jeongeup korea

It’s not hard to get the Herb One Lavender Festival.

By Car: Herb One is located in a rural area, so driving independently is undoubtedly the easiest and most convenient way to get there from Seoul. The driving distance is about 245-km, and takes approximately 3 hours. Check car rentals here.

By KTX Train: From Seoul Station, take a train to Osong Station in Sejong. Transfer to the Seoul – Mokpo line, and get off at Jeongeup Station. Jump in a taxi to the Herb One Lavender Festival (8 minutes, 10,000 won).

By Express Bus: From Central City Terminal in Seoul, take a bus to Jeongeup Express Bus Terminal (reserve tickets). Jump in a taxi to Herb One (8 minutes, 10,000 won).

What to do at the Herb One Lavender Festival?

The sun is incredibly strong and aside from a few tables on the edges, there’s not a lot of shade at Herb One. Make sure to slather on that sunscreen, hydrate, and wear a hat or use a parasol if you can.

herb one lavender festival

The sun at Herb One is strong and relentless.

Word to the wise: the glare of the sun is so intense, it can blow out your pictures. Try to visit when the sun is a bit lower in the sky if you can. Don’t do what we did, and show up at peak brightness!

Frolic amongst purple fields

No big surprise here. The main event at Herb One is walking through all those gorgeous fields of aromatic violet.

herb one lavender festival korea

Lavender is planted on a hillside at Herb One.

The lavender fields are planted on a hillside, so there’s a lot of interesting angles to take pictures from. There are also supposed to be some cool rock formations hiding amongst the purple (but I didn’t see them, and it was too hot to wander around too much).

Best Summer Day Tours for 2024

Summer in Korea has special events and activities that you can only take advantage of during summer. Don’t miss the incredibly popular Boryeong Mud Festival on Daecheon Beach, take in the beauty of lotus and hydrangea, or go to an exciting water-filled music festival.

lotus in full bloom at semiwon garden korea

Lotus is only in full bloom during the hot, summer months.

hueree natural park hydrangea festival

Gorgeous hydrangeas at Hueree Natural Park in Jeju.

Indulge in Lavender Ice Cream

Lavender ice cream is not only delicious, it’s super pretty, and beyond perfect for your Instagram feed. It also melts faster than you could possibly imagine, so take those pics, and slurp it up before you’re left with nothing but a sticky purple mess.

herb one lavender festival

Lovely lavender ice cream.

There are other lavender-infused treats available inside Herb One Cafe, including lavender lattes, and lavender hand cream!

Get Comfortable with Bees

It seems that bees are just as attracted to lavender fields as we are, because I’ve never seen so many bees in one place in my life.

While I don’t really have bug-phobia, seeing that many bees buzzing around, was definitely a little uncomfortable. The Herb One Lavender Festival might not be the best place for you, if you have a severe bee allergy. If you do plan to go, make sure you visit with an epi-pen handy!

bees at herb one lavender festival

There were SO many bees among the flowers.

I will say though that the bees at Herb One were so incredibly happy sucking up lavender nectar, they really couldn’t be bothered with me. I literally walked right through them, and they’d just fly right back onto the flowers, after I passed.

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Herb One Lavender Festival: FAQs

When is the best time to visit the Herb One Lavender Festival? The festival starts in late May and continues through the month of June. It's best to visit Herb One in June when the lavender is more fully bloomed.
Where is Herb One located? Herb One is a cafe and lavender farm located in Jeongeup, South Korea. This is a rural location in the Jeollanam-do Provice of Korea.
How do you say lavender in Korean? Lavender in Korean is 라벤더. It's simply the english word spelled with hangul, and it's pronounced ``labendeo.``
Other than Herb One, where can I see lavender near Seoul? Herb Island in Pocheon, and Hani Lavender Farm in Goseong are popular places to see lavender a few hours away from Seoul.

Are you ready to explore the lovely lavender fields at Herb One in Korea?

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