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sheep at daegwallyeong sheep ranch

If you’ve ever wanted to take selfies with sheep (because really, who doesn’t?), Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm in Pyeongchang, Korea is the perfect place to do it.

a sheep at daegwallyeong sheep farm

Who wouldn’t want a selfie with this cutie?

On a day trip from Seoul, we strolled around the Daegwallyeong Ranch, fed the sheep, and explored the surrounding area. It turned out to be a great break from the frenetic pace of life in the big city.

There’s something strangely soothing and meditative about watching these little balls of fluff methodically grazing away. Of course, the gently rolling hills, tranquil setting, and fresh air didn’t hurt either!

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What to expect at Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is located in Pyeongchang, about 3 hours away from Seoul. This farm is privately owned and it’s the only one in the area that raises sheep. It’s a huge piece of land totalling 195 square km, full of rolling green hills that seem like they belong in Scotland, not Korea!

daegwallyeong sheep farm

The gorgeous landscapes of Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

When you arrive at the ranch, you’ll walk through a parking lot to the ticket booth. There’s a pretty steep hill to walk up to get to the farm area.

At the top though, you can’t help but be struck by the natural beauty of the farm. There are tons of oak trees and 30 different types of wildflowers on the ranch, so the scenery is always shifting and changing with the seasons.

sheep at daegwallyeong sheep ranch

Helloooo Mr. Sheep.

Herds of more than 200 sheep dot the hilly green pastures, there’s a circular walking path around the grazing area, and incredible views of the Taebaek mountain range too.

In winter time, the sheep head inside, but people still make the trip out to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm to admire the gorgeous scenery blanketed in white. This area is sometimes called the “Alps of Korea,” due to its splendid snowy landscapes, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

daegwallyeong sheep farm in winter

Winter landscapes are amazing at Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

Things to do at Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

This might seem super obvious, given that you know, you’re visiting a sheep farm… but there’s actually some unique things to do at Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm, besides just admiring sheep in a field.

Feed the sheep

The sheep feeding experience is a real highlight. At an enclosed barn area, the sheep wait hungrily for visitors to arrive. You’ll get a small basket of hay, which you can use to feed the hungry animals. They all have different temperaments, so make sure to have a wander around to find one you like.

Take selfies with sheep

The best place to secure a selfie with a sheep is definitely in the feeding barn. You might get lucky in the grazing field if one comes close to the fence, but otherwise it’s a crap shoot. In the barn though, the animals are close to the enclosure edges, and you can bribe them out closer to you with some hay.

daegwallyeong sheep ranch

Every photo collection needs a selfie with a sheep

Some of the sheep are definitely more skittish than others, so just keep trying until you find the wooly partner of your dreams.

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Stroll the 1.2 km-long walking path

A 1.2-km long walking course surrounds the sheep grazing field. You’ll always have a great view of the sheep inside. You can wander, up, down and around the paved pathway at your own pace, but it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to make it all the way around.

walking course at daegwallyeong sheep farm

It takes about 40 minutes to walk around – unless you get distracted by sheep!

The peak of the path is at 950 metres, and from there you can enjoy incredible views of the Pyeongchang countryside and majestic Taebak mountain range. On clear days, you might even catch a glimpse of Gangneung and the East Sea in the distance.

Find the wooden shack from “A Man who Went to Mars”

Near the entrance of the Daegwallyeong sheep farm walking path, you’ll find a humble wooden shack. It’s become a super popular photo spot for K-drama fans, who know it from the movie “The Man who Went to Mars.” It served as a backdrop in a perfectly white snowy field where the 2 main characters in the movie fall in love.

daegwallyeong sheep farm in winter

Look out for this wooden shack at Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

Snack on lamb skewers or fresh corn

If your interest in sheep is more culinary, you can snack on what are probably some super-fresh lamb skewers, outside the entrance of the farm. If the thought of that is just too much to bear after hanging out with all those adorable sheep, choose some freshly boiled corn instead. It’s also a specialty of the area.

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm with Kids

Visiting the Daegwallyeong Ranch is a perfect activity for kids, so the place is always full of families enjoying a day out together. Older kids will have no problem interacting with the sheep and walking up and down the pathways, but toddlers might need some help.

When we visited, my daughter was around 2 years old. She needed some assistance walking up the initial path to the farm as it’s quite steep, but was ok once we arrived on the actual farm site. It’s possible to take strollers around the 1.2 km walkway encircling the sheep grazing area, if you wish.

The sheep are very gentle, so there’s no need to worry about any danger. My daughter was slightly nervous feeding the sheep, but still enjoyed the experience.

How to get to Daegwallyeong from Seoul

Address: 483-32, Daegwallyeongmaru-gil, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do | 강원도 평창군 대관령면 대관령마루길 483-32

If you have a car, the best way to get to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm is definitely by driving yourself. Public transport links to the ranch are pretty time-consuming, and not super cheap, given that it’s a working farm, where sheep are actually raised.

sheep in a field at daegwallyeong sheep farm

Sheep don’t need subways. Photo by: Taehoon Kang (CC BY 2.0)

Public Transport

By Bus: Total Cost – approximately 70,000 won round-trip

  • Go to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. It’s out of Exit 3 of Gangbyeon subway station on Line 2.
  • Buy tickets bound for Hoenggye (횡계). They should cost around 25,000 won per direction, and takes 2.5 hours.
  • Don’t be surprised by the bus station. It’s tiny and next to a GS gas station.
  • Once you reach Hoenggye, take a taxi to the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm at a cost of approximately 9,000 – 12,000 won.

By Train: Total Cost – approximately 105,000 won round-tip

  • Take a KTX train from Seoul Station to Jinbu Station. Ticket prices vary based on time, but cost around 22,000 won, and take 90 minutes.
  • From Jinbu Station, take a taxi for approximately 20-km. Cost should be around 30,000 won, but it depends on traffic conditions.
daegwallyeong sheep ranch in wonter

Pyeongchang and Daegwallyeong are a winter wonderland © Kim Eundo, Korea Tourism Organization

The best way to get to Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

The best way to get to Daegwallyeong if you don’t have a car, is by booking a day tour that includes round-trip transportation. These tours cost the same or LESS than getting there yourself using public transportation (minus the added stress).

korea cherry blossoms, spring in korea,sakura korea, south korea cherry blossom, cherry blossom festivals korea, gyeongpo, gyeongpo cherry blossom festival

Can’t really go wrong with cherry blossoms and sheep. “Gyeongpo Cherry Blossom,” by

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Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm: Essential Info and FAQs

When is the sheep farm open? It’s open year round, starting from 9AM. Closing hours vary from season to season, but are between 5PM – 6PM. The last admission is at 4:30PM. The farm is completely closed to visitors on Lunar New Year, and Chuseok. Note that hours are subject to weather and conditions on-site.
What does admission cost? It costs 6000 won per adult, 2000 won for seniors, and 4000 won per child aged 5 and up. Children under 5 enter free.
When’s the best time to see the sheep? From May to October, the sheep are allowed to graze for 24 hours. Visit from May – June, and in September and October for more comfortable weather.


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