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Posts from the ‘Brazil’ Category

Christ the Redeemer: A Rio Icon and World Wonder

The Cristo Redentor statue that overlooks the city from the top of 700 metre tall Corcovado Mountain, is as synonymous with Rio de Janeiro as Gisele, Copacabana and Carnivale.

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The Cidade Maravilhosa: Rio de Janeiro

After a rather chaotic arrival in Rio, where we missed our bus stop and had to backtrack on another local bus (damn that Portuguese!), we finally made it to our first Air BnB rental of the trip - a private room in an apartment a few blocks away from Copacabana.

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Sushi in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Make no mistake about it. Brazilians are not all the same. In fact, there's a huge rivalry between the Cariocas of Rio and the Paulistas of Sao Paulo, with both factions believing that they have the best city in all of Brazil.

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The Difference a Local can Make…in Brazilian Portuguese

When traveling the world, the inability to speak the local language is both a frustration and a pleasure. Personally, I enjoy hearing all the different and unfamiliar sounds around me. It's a constant reminder that I'm somewhere foreign, new and yet-to-be discovered.

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Gold and Caiprinhas in Salvador, Brazil

Brazil. When picturing Brazil I think of Rio, the Carnival, the revelries, the Christo overlooking pristine beaches, and crime ridden favelas out of the City of God. Or I think of the Amazon, deep untouched jungle threatened by extensive deforestation, and piranhas ready to nibble on my flesh.

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Getting a Tourist Visa to Brazil in Seoul (in 11 Easy Steps)

Getting a tourist visa to Brazil in Korea is super simple and fast. Find out exactly what steps to take & the location of the Brazilian embassy in Seoul.

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