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If you’re looking for impossibly impressive cherry blossom trees away from the tourist hordes, the Yangjaecheon Stream cherry blossom road is a safe bet. This is a popular local hangout and date night spot in springtime for good reason.

yangjaecheon stream cherry blossoms

The cherry blossoms at Yangjaecheon Stream are simply stunning

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Yangjaecheon Stream | 양재천

The Yangjaecheon Stream is a 15.6-km long tributary of the Han River. It originates from Gwanaksan Mountain and flows through the districts of Gwacheon, Seocho and Gangnam, before running into the Tancheon.

On the street next to the stream, you can admire 830 huge metasequoia trees, which are simply glorious during autumn in Korea. Directly next to the Yangjaecheon, you’ll find traffic-free walking paths and cycling trails that runs along the banks of the stream.

According to a local folk tale, Yangjaecheon was formed when one of the 10 dragons associated with Guryong Mountain failed to ascend to the sky. It fell to the ground and turned into a stream. In turn, this flowing water made people in the area wealthier and happier. It was later named Yangjaecheon, because’ ‘Yangjae’ written in Chinese characters means a group of talented people.

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Yangjaecheon Cherry Blossom Road | 양재천 벚꽃길

When spring hits Korea, Yangjaecheon Stream is lined with magnificent cherry trees which are backlit by street lamps at night. The atmosphere is wonderfully romantic, and it’s common to see young couples walking hand in hand, admiring the cherry trees by moonlight.

yangjaecheon stream at sunset

The walking path next to Yangjaecheon Stream is gorgeous both day and night

Aside from the walking path, there’s a bike trail, stepping stones across the stream, bridges, playgrounds and other amenities along the way.

Yangjaecheon Stream Cherry Blossom and Lantern Festival

The first Yangjaecheon Stream Cherry Blossom and Lantern Festival happened in 2018, and continues each year. Typically, it takes place during the second weekend of April, and lasts just a few days.

At the festival, watch out for busking performances, fireworks, a cherry blossom stamp tour, food trucks, flea markets as well as various workshops and experience programs.

How to go to Yangjaecheon Stream

Address: 504-11 Daechi 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 강남구 대치1동 504-11

The easiest way to get to Yangjaecheon Stream to walk along the cherry blossom road is to go to Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Station on the Shinbundang Line. From there, you can walk along the Yangjaecheon Stream and its incredible row of cherry blossom trees.

yangjae citizen's forest sign

If you see this sign, you’ve arrived at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest

You can follow the path all the way to Dogok Station. This route is around 3-km long and should take around an hour to complete. If you feel tired, you can exit at Maebong Station instead. This route is around 2-km long and takes around 40 minutes to complete.

Of course, you can also do the walk in the reverse direction if you choose.

Is Yangjaecheon Stream on your list of cherry blossom spots to visit?


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