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ginkgo leaves in seoul

Resplendent ginkgo tree roads in Korea are one of the most sought-after fall foliage views in the country. And no wonder. As the weather cools, the fan-like leaves on these ancient trees turn a riveting golden yellow, before falling to the ground in a stunning carpet of crunchy leaves.

ginkgo trees in korea | asan ginkgo tree road

Ginkgo Tree Roads in Korea are a sight to be seen. Just look at that golden yellow!

Asan Ginkgo Tree Road is undoubtedly one of the most famous of these autumn avenues in Korea, but it IS a bit of a trek from Seoul. Don’t fret if you can’t make it down there, there are plenty more gorgeous ginkgo trees in Korea to gawk at.

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Ginkgo Trees in Korea

You’ll see gorgeous gingko trees roads in Korea every which way you turn. They’ve long been cultivated here – not just for their stunning yellow colour – but also for their incredible longevity and ability to withstand pests, disease, and urban pollution.

ginkgo trees in korea | geumsidang in miryang

Gingko trees in Korea are EVERYWHERE © Shin Young-mi, Korea Tourism Organization

Hailing from the Paleozoic period, 300 million years ago, these ancient trees are older than dinosaurs, and rightly considered, a living fossil.

In fact, the ginkgo tree is so resilient, it was designated as the official tree of Seoul on April 3rd, 1971 to symbolize the city’s enduring prosperity and development.

ginkgo trees in seoul

Ginkgo trees are a living fossil – even older than dinosaurs!

During fall in Korea, gingko berries fall from the female trees and emit a foul odor, which can get caught in your nose if you’re not careful. They are however, tasty snacks that are good for the brain, nasty smell aside. Look out for them at street food stalls and festivals in cooler weather.

ginkgo berries in korea

Ginkgo berries are street food in Korea © Kim Jiho, Korea Tourism Organization

As autumn slowly gives way to winter, fan-like ginkgo leaves in Korea fall to the ground by the thousands, creating a golden carpet that would make anyone feel like a celebrity. I might even say that I find this time of the year more beautiful than the height of fall in Korea.

ginkgo leaves in seoul korea

Ginkgo leaves in Seoul are gorgeous off AND on trees.

Best Time to See Golden Ginkgo Leaves in Korea

The streets of Seoul might become a minefield of rotting and rancid smelling ginkgo berries in autumn, but it’s worth the smell in my opinion. Because by the end of October in Korea, we’re graced with the glorious sight of gorgeously golden ginkgo leaves instead.

ginkgo trees in seoul korea

Stinky berries mean golden ginkgo leaves across Korea.

After living in Korea for the last 13 years, I’ve noticed that the deep yellow colour we’re all looking for, is a late autumn thing. And if you want to experience a golden carpet of fallen ginkgo leaves at the same time, you’d want to time your trip to South Korea for early to mid-November for the best odds.

Where to See Gingko Trees in Korea

Strong, resistant to pollution, and majestically beautiful, gingko trees make up about 35% of all the trees in Seoul. You really don’t have to go anywhere special to see them in all their fall foliage glory.

iljasan park | ginkgo trees in seoul

Gingko trees make up 35% of the trees in Seoul. They are everywhere!

If you’re got golden ginkgo on the brain however, seek out one of the 23 ginkgo trees in Korea that have been designated as natural monuments, or go in search of a stunning tree-lined avenue or magical yellow forest.

Just Released | Limited Edition Fall Tours

Ginkgo tree roads in Korea are not the only leafy game in town. These fall tours only take place for about a month each year and they get booked up fast, because timing for them is so limited. If you’ve got your heart set on seeing any of these places while visiting Korea in fall, I recommend reserving a spot as soon as your travel dates are confirmed.

fall in korea | naejangsan national park

Naejangsan is one of Korea’s best fall foliage hotspots ⓒ Ha Nam-gi, Korea Tourism Organization

Here are the limited edition fall day tours available in Korea for 2023.

daejeon | jangtaesan recreational forest in autumn

Jangtaesan Recreational Forest is also gorgeous in late autumn.

Ginkgo Tree Roads in Korea | 은행나무길

What is it about a row of tall amber-leafed trees, standing like soldiers at the side of an avenue that’s so appealing? Symmetry? Volume? Whatever it is, it’s a scene worth seeking out.

ginkgo tree roads in korea

Just your average ginkgo tree road in Seoul.

Here are some of the best ginkgo tree forests and roads in Korea to fulfill all your deep yellow dreams.

Asan Ginkgo Tree Road | 아산 은행나무길

Address: 259-2 Baegam-ri, Yeomchi-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do | 충청남도 아산시 염치읍 은행나무길

As fall foliage season hits Korea, crowds of people converge upon Asan Ginkgo Tree Road to marvel at the insane beauty of deep amber leaves set against a brilliant, blue sky.

asan ginkgo tree road

How gorgeous is Asan Ginkgo Tree Road?

Located next to the scenic Gokgyocheon Stream, Asan Ginkgo Tree Road was created in 1966 as part of the Seongyeoksa Temple Project. The avenue stretches just over 2-km, from Chungmuhyo Bridge to Hyeonchungsa Temple, and is lined with 350 towering ginkgo trees – most of which are over 50 years old.

asan ginkgo tree road in autumn

Plenty of ginkgo leaves on trees and a carpet on the ground too!

Ginkgo Tree Lane, Nami Island | 남이섬

Address: 1, Namiseom-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do | 경기도 가평군 가평읍 북한강변로 1024

Nami Island is already one of the best spots to visit during the fall season in Korea, with stunning maple, Korean pine, and metasequoia trees spectacularly changing colour. But if you’re after a lustrous leaf fix, make sure to stroll down Songpa Ginkgo Tree Lane.

nami island in autumn

I was so obsessed with this fairytale forest on Nami Island, I missed Ginkgo Tree Lane!

This is a magnificent 100-metre long autumn lane lined with ginkgo trees on both sides. Head south off the Central Plaza to find it.

NAMI ISLAND DAY TOURS |  This is one place where I really recommend joining a day tour, especially if you want to see other places in the same region, like the Garden of Morning Calm, Alpaca World or Legoland. These places are NOT close to each other, and NOT close to Seoul. Check out options here.

Deoksugung Stone Wall Road | 덕수궁 돌담길

Address: Jiha 101, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 중구 세종대로 지하 101

Deoksugung Stone-Wall Road is a pedestrian friendly walkway, that connects City Hall to the Seoul Museum of Art. Lined with 130 gorgeous maple and ginkgo trees, this is a particularly wonderful ginkgo tree road in Korea to explore.

deoksugung palace stone wall road | ginkgo trees

Careful who you walk down this ginkgo tree road with! © Lee Bumsu, Korea Tourism Organization

Careful who you walk down Deoksugung Doldam-gil with though. Urban myth says that any couple who walks down the 900-metre pathway together is headed towards a break-up!

DEOKSUGUNG WALKING TOUR |  Learn the tragic history of the Korean Empire under Japanese Colonialism and see Korea meets West architecture on this highly rated walking tour of lovely Deoksugung Palace. Check full details here.

Seoul Forest | 서울숲

Address: 273, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 성동구 뚝섬로 273 (성수동1가)

This ginkgo tree forest in Korea is full of mighty woods and golden leaves. It’s a literal fall foliage dream come true.

ginkgo tree forest in seoul forest

I’m pretty sure this is my most stolen photo.

Seoul Forest consists of 5 separate parks, covering nearly 600,000m² of land, that includes playgrounds, a deer park, flower displays, a skate park, an experiential learning park, and a ton of gorgeous trees. Be sure to check out nearby Seongsu-dong for fun pop-ups and trendy clothing stores.

Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest | 홍천 은행나무숲

Address: 686-4, Gwangwon-ri, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do | 강원 홍천군 내면 광원리 686-4

Walking through the deep golden crunch of a carpet of fallen ginkgo leaves in Korea is just as captivating as seeing them adorning towering trees during fall… and the Hongcheon Ginkgo Forest might just be one of the best places in the country to do just that.

ginkgo trees in korea | hongcheon ginkgo forest

A ginkgo forest dream in Hongcheon © Kim Jiho, Korea Tourism Organization

Hongcheon Gingko Forest in Korea is actually on private land that’s been planted and maintained by a single man for over 30 years. He graciously opens his land to the public for free, for the month of October ONLY, so plan your visit accordingly.

ALPACA WORLD + HONGCHEON GINKGO FOREST | It’s a bit challenging to get to the Hongcheon Ginkgo Grove from Seoul, so why not combine it with a visit to Alpaca World for the ultimate hassle-free autumn trip. Check full details here.

Wiryeseong Daero Ginkgo Tree Road | 위례성대로

This is a popular fall foliage spot for locals to the area, but it’s not very well-known among tourists. You’re in luck though, because there are 1,320 majestic gingko trees in Seoul, lining this stretch of road next to Olympic Park, and it likely won’t be overrun with people.

ginkgo tree road korea

Wiryeseong Daero Ginkgo Tree Road in Korea is a hidden gem © travel-oriented (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Head out Exit 1 of Mongchontoseong Station on Line 8 to walk under this almost 900-metre avenue of golden ginkgo leaves in Korea, then head over to nearby Seokchon Lake Park for more stunning fall foliage.

LOTTE WORLD TOWER OBSERVATORY | With crystal clear skies, autumn is an exceptional time to see Seoul in all its megacity glory from the top of Korea’s tallest building, 123 floors up! Check full details here.

Tongiljeon Ginkgo Tree Trail | 통일전 은행나무 길

Address: 6, Chilburam-gil, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do | 경주시 칠불암길 6(통일전) to 경주시 통일로 26(통일전 삼거리)

Gyeongju is so full of UNESCO World Heritage sites, history, and temples, that it’s considered an open air museum without walls. The city is worth a visit in any season, but it’s known for being particularly beautiful during fall in Korea. Don’t hesitate to make a trip there if you can!

ginkgo tree roads in korea | tongiljeon unification road in gyeongju

Tongiljeon Ginkgo Tree Road is one of Gyeongju’s most famous fall foliage sights © Lee Bumsu, Korea Tourism Organization

At Tongiljeon, you’ll be greeted by a long row of spectacular ginkgo trees in Korea leading up to the memorial hall.

Watch for falling ginkgo leaves by mid-November, explore the tranquil grounds, and learn about the unification of the Three Kingdoms of Shilla, Baekje and Goguryeo at the same time.

GYEONGJU DAY TRIP | Visit UNESCO listed cultural sites, and marvel at stunning natural scenery, on this super easy and worthwhile day trip to Gyeongju from Busan. Check full details here.

Songjeong Embankment Walkway | 송정제방길

Address: 23-7, Songjeong 18ga-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 성동구 송정18가길 23-7

In spring, the Songjeong Embankment Walkway might be filled with Korea’s delicate pink cherry blossoms, but in autumn, you’ll be richly rewarded by the sight of majestic yellow gingko trees in Korea, every which way you turn.

ginkgo tree road in korea | songjeong embankment walkway

A 5-km stretch of ginkgo trees in Seoul © Seoul Metropolitan Government / Penta Press

This 5-km stretch of pathway from Seongdonggyo Bridge to Jangpyeonggyo Bridge is a super local spot where you can enjoy peaceful vibes and the sounds of the Jungnangcheon Stream nearby.

Gyeongui Line Forest Park  | 경의선숲길

Address: start from Exit 3, Hongdae Station

The Gyeongui Line Forest Park is an urban park that was created when an abandoned railway was moved underground. It stretches 6.3-km from Hyochang Park to Gajwa Station, and is an excellent city stroll, lined with independent cafes, restaurants, and stores.

ginkgo tree road in seoul | gyeongui line forest park

Gyeongui Line Forest Park has many cafes and stores to explore © Seoul Metropolitan Government / Penta Press

Head to the 1-km long ginkgo tree road in Yeontral Park, which became a fall foliage hotspot in Seoul, after appearing in the Korean drama “Because This is My First Life,”

DEMILITARIZED ZONE TOUR | Learn about Korea’s tragic history on a day tour to the DMZ. Visit Imjingak Park, the Freedom Bridge, the Third Infiltration Tunnel + take a peek into North Korea using binoculars set atop observatories. Check full details here.

Garosu-gil | 가로수길

Address: Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 일대

Garosu-gil actually translates into “tree-lined street,” and the moniker is pretty accurate. This narrow street in Seoul’s Sinsa district is lined with more than 160 magnificent ginkgo trees in Korea.

ginkgo trees in seoul | garosu-gil

Shopping AND ginkgo trees on Garosu-gil © Ki Hakri, Live Studio, Korea Tourism Organization

These days, the main street is mostly filled with big brand cafes and shops due to the impact of gentrification. But head to the maze of nearby back streets, collectively known as Serosu-gil for a sophisticated vibe and unique cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

Monumental Gingko Trees in Korea

Colossal. Gigantic. Mammoth. These ginkgo trees in Korea are a true feast for the senses.

fall in korea | ginkgo tree in bangye-ri wonju

A planet in and of itself © Gangwon Office, Moment Studio, Korea Tourism Organization

Many centuries old, there are at least 23 humungous ginkgo trees that have been designated as Korean Natural Monuments, due to their cultural or historical significance. Here are just a few.

Wonju Bangye-ri Ginkgo Tree | 원주 반계리 은행나무

Address: Gangwon-do, Wonju-si, Munmak-eup, Bangye-ri, 1496-1 | 강원 원주시 문막읍 반계리 1495-1번지

If you make the short journey out to Wonju from Seoul, make sure you don’t miss the ancient ginkgo tree located in Bangye-ri. This colossal tree is Korean Natural Monument Number 167.

ginkgo trees in Bangye-ri wonju

A massive ginkgo tree in Wonju © Kim Hyeon-jin

Thought to be at least 800 years old, this spectacular ginkgo tree in Korea is nearly 35-m high, 15-m in circumference, spans 38-m from east to west and 31-m from north to south. It is completely awe-inspiring.

WONJU DAY TRIP | Sogeumsan Mountain in Wonju has a thrilling sky tower and the longest suspension bridge in Korea. Walk 100-metres in the air, with gorgeous fall foliage around you, then hit Yeoju Premium Outlet for some shopping! Check full details here.

Jeonju Hyanggo | 전주향교

Address: 139, Hyanggyo-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do | 전라북도 전주시 완산구 향교길 139

If you’re exploring Jeonju Hanok Village during fall in Korea, be sure to make a stop at the Jeonju Hyanggo. This Confucian school is famous for absolutely massive gingko trees in Korea.

gingko trees in korea | jeonju hyanggyo

Jeonju Hyanggyo is inside Jeonju Hanok Village © Kim Jiho, Korea Tourism Organization

The scene is particularly stunning in late autumn, when the grounds of Jeonju Hyanggyo are hidden beneath a layer of lustrous amber ginkgo leaves.

JEONJU HANOK VILLAGE | Explore Korea’s biggest hanok village, centuries-old temples, and traditional workshops on this convenient day tour from Seoul. Don’t forget to eat some Jeonju bibimbap! Check full details here.

Andong Yonggye-ri Ginkgo Tree | 안동 용계리 은행나무

Address: 744 Yonggye-ri, Giran-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do | 경북 안동시 길안면 용계리 744외 8필

At risk of submersion due to the construction of the Imha Dam, this 700 year old gingko tree in Korea was considered so important, it was transplanted at a cost of 6-billion won in the late 1980s.

gingko in korea | andong yongye-ri

A ginkgo tree in Korea worth 6-billion won © Jeong Yong-hyeon, Korea Tourism Organization

Relocated to Yonggye-ri in Andong, it took 4 full years to lift and re-plant the 680-ton gingko tree in its new location. Let’s hope it does not have to be moved again!

KOREA’S GOLDEN ROUTE | After visiting Seoul, get a feel for the rest of the country on this 5 day tour that stops at important cities and sights in Korea. Visit Busan, Gyeongju, Andong, Jeonju, Yeosu, Seoraksan + many more on this all-inclusive tour of Korea’s Golden Route. See full details here.

Munmyo Confucian Shrine | 서울 문묘와 성균관

Address: 31, Seonggyungwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul | 서울 종로구 성균관로 31

You don’t have to travel far if you’ve got colossal ginkgo trees in Korea on the brain. Natural Monument Number 59 can be found right on the streets of Seoul, at Munmyo Confucian Shrine.

ginkgo trees in seoul | munmyo confucian shrine

These trees are Natural Monument Number 59 © Park Seonggeun, Korea Tourism Organization

Planted in 1519, these ginkgo trees are 21-metres tall, and feature branches that spread out 10.5-metres to the east, 12-metres to the west, 10-metres to the south, and 12-metres to the north. Look out for aerial roots hanging down from the branches, which are rare in Korean ginkgo trees.

ginkgo trees in seoul | munmyo

Gorgeous ginkgo leaves in Korea at Munmyo Shrine © Park Seonggeun, Korea Tourism Organization

It’s said that Confucius loved to read, think, and teach his followers under a ginkgo tree. Fitting then, that you’ll find these ancient ginkgo trees in front of the Myeongryundang (original lecture hall) at Munmyo.

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Gingko Trees in Korea : Essential Info and FAQs

What does the ginkgo tree sympolize in Korea? The Ginkgo tree was designated as the official tree of Seoul on April 3, 1971 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It symbolizes the development and prosperity of Seoul, as well as beauty and longevity.
Where can I see ginkgo trees in Seoul? There are 103,959 gingko trees lining the streets of Seoul, but some popular places to see them are Seoul Forest and Garosugil Street.
When do the leaves of ginkgo trees turn golden yellow during autumn in Korea? In April, Seoul is a mixed bag for weather. It's best to wear layers of clothing for flexibility. It can also be rainy and windy during April.
What are the best places to ginkgo trees in Korea? Some of the best places to ginkgo trees in Korea are: Asan Gingko Tree Road, Nami Island, Deoksugung Stone Wall Road, and Seoul Forest.

Ginkgo tree roads are among the most sought after fall foliage sights in Korea. Which places are on your list?

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