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sky capsule busan at sunset

After months of seeing these adorable retro trains all over my social media feed, I just KNEW I had to take a ride on the Sky Capsule Busan myself, and I finally got my chance!

sky capsule busan at haeundae blueline park

I HAD to take a ride on the Sky Capsule Busan!

It was just as lovely as I expected it to be, but the process of booking was definitely a little confusing. This is because there are several attractions all in the same place at Busan’s Haeundae Blueline Park.

Worry not! This guide will demystify it all AND provide you with some tips on how to get the absolute best out of your Busan Sky Capsule experience.

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Where is the Sky Capsule Busan located?

Address: 116 Cheongsapo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan | 부산광역시 해운대구 청사포로 116

If you want to take a ride on the Sky Capsule, you’ll have to get down to Busan – and specifically to Haeundae Blueline Park.

It’s not much of a sacrifice though. Really.

busan, korea | gamcheon culture village

There’s a lot to love in Busan © Doit Company, No Sihyeon, Korea Tourism Organization

Busan is Korea’s second largest city, with many visitors enjoying it even more than Seoul. After my most recent trip, I can certainly understand the appeal. With wonderful beaches, a stunning skyline, and lively locals, it has a relaxed vacation feel that can be difficult to find in the capital.

Haeundae Blueline Park is undoubtedly one of the best places in Busan to take advantage of the incredible natural environment.

Located next to a gorgeous stretch of coastline, this is where you’ll find not only the Sky Capsule Busan, but also the Beach Train, and the Busan Green Railway coastal walking path.

haeundae blueline park busan korea

Haeundae Blueline Park is right next to Busan’s stunning coastline.

2 DAY BUSAN CITY TOUR  |  Make the most of your time in Busan on this fully guided tour to all of the city’s best attractions, including Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Gamcheon Culture Village, Jagalchi Market, Mt. Hwangnyeong Observatory, and much more. Includes lunch and hotel pick up! Check full details here.

What is the Sky Capsule Busan? | 해운대스카이캡슐

In a nutshell, the Sky Capsule Busan is a coastal capsule train that runs on an elevated track, between Mipo Station near Haeundae Beach and Cheongsapo Station, 2.3-km away.

haeundae sky capsule busan

You can’t miss the adorable Sky Capsule Busan!

These retro-looking sky capsules come in eye-catching red, yellow, green, and blue (though there are also a few pink ones!), and they’re impossible to miss.

The Haeundae Sky Capsule uses the discontinued Donghae Nambu railway tracks, and affords uninterrupted views of the seascape and Busan’s magnificent skyscrapers from its lofty position, 7 to 10-metres above ground,

GOOD TO KNOW  |  The Sky Capsule Busan is also known as the Haeundae Sky Capsule, so don’t get confused if you see both terms. They are one and the same thing.

Haeundae Blueline Park: Busan Sky Capsule vs Beach Train Quick Guide

When I first started looking into this, one of the main things that confused me was that there are actually 2 different train type services available at Haeundae Blueline Park – the Sky Capsule and the Beach Train.

haeundae blueline park: beach train vs sky capsule

There’s a few different attractions at Haeundae Blueline Park.

These run right next to each other, only the capsules are on an elevated track. I’ll explain more about the difference further on in this guide, but this table should help you understand the basic differences upfront.

My guess is that the Sky Capsule Busan is what you’ve seen on social media and want to book. It was for me!

Sky Capsule

Beach Train

What is it?

Retro-looking private capsules that run on an elevated runway 7 to 10-metres above the ground

Eco-friendly battery operated sightseeing train that runs next to Busan's coastline


Mipo and Cheongsapo

Mipo, Dalmaji Tunnel, Cheongsapo, Daritol Skywalk, Gudeokpo, and Seongjeong Station

Total Distance

2.3-km | 1.4-miles

4.8-km | 3.0-miles

Running Time

30 minutes one-way

30 minutes one-way

Running Speed

4-km per hour | 2.5-mph

15-km per hour | 9.3-mph

Operating Hours

9:00 - 19:30 (times can change seasonally)

9:30 - 20:30 (times can change seasonally and by station)

Cost in KRW

Per Sky Capsule: 35,000 for 1-2 people, 45,000 for 3 people, and 50,000 for 4 people.

One-way: 7,000 | Round-trip: 12,000 | Unlimited use: 16,000 (can disembark at all 6 stations & re-board once at each station)


Online, in-person, on a tour

Online, in-person at Mipo, Cheongsapo, and Seongjeong Station, automated ticketing machines at other stations

What are the Sky Capsule Busan Departure Stations?

There are only 2 departure stations for the Haeundae Sky Capsule: Mipo Station and Cheongsapo Station.

You’ll have to know which station you want to depart from when you book, so I’ll explain the difference between the stations here.

sky capsule busan | mipo station

Departures from Mipo Station, usually sell out first.

Mipo Station | 해운대블루라인파크 미포정거장

Address: 13 Dalmagi-gil 62 beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan | 부산 해운대구 달맞이길62번길 13

Most people choose to book their Haeundae Sky Capsule, departing from Mipo Station. I think this is mostly because many people stay on Haeundae Beach, and it’s just a short walk to get to the station.

If you’re wondering – we stayed at MS Hotel Haeundae, right across the street from the beach, and loved it. Affordable, clean, and steps from everything we needed, I’d definitely recommend it if you’re visiting Busan.

It could also be because the Mipo to Cheongsapo direction is on the outer track closest to the sea. However, after riding the Sky Capsule Busan myself, I don’t think this is really a big deal.

blue line park | haeundae sky capsule busan

Sky capsules departing from Mipo Station are on the outer track © Photo Korea – Lee Bumsu

The tracks in either direction are literally right next to each other, and the capsules are staggered. There are clear sea views throughout the 30-minute trip.

Departures from Mipo Station do sell out way faster though, so make sure to book your tickets as soon as possible if this is what you want to do.

Directions: Haeundae Station, Exit 7.

Cheongsapo Station | 해운대블루라인파크 청사포정거장

Address: 116 Cheongsapo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan | 부산 해운대구 청사포로 116

Cheongsapo is the only other departure station for the Sky Capsule Busan. It’s 2.3-km away from Mipo Station. These capsules run on the inner track. Cheongsapo to Mipo is the direction to pick if you want to ride towards the setting sun.

haeundae sky capsule in busan

Sky capsules departing from Cheongsapo Station use the inner track.

Added bonus – it’s way easier to book your departure from Cheongsapo Station. This is what we ended up doing (because Mipo was already sold out for sunset time, and am I ever glad we did.

The view of Busan’s skyline and Haeundae Beach as we came around the corner was jawdropping.

sky capsule busan at sunset

Depart from Cheongsapo Station if you want to ride towards the settting sun.

Directions: Jungdong Station, Line 2, Exit 7. However, if you’re staying on Haeundae Beach, walk along the Busan Green Railway Coastal Walking Trail for about 30 minutes until you reach Cheongsapo Station instead. It’s a gorgeous and easy walk that ended up being one of the best experiences of our trip to Busan.

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panorama of busan

Where to Book Sky Capsule Busan Tickets?

Once you’ve decided on all the important details, there are a few different ways to book tickets.

Directly on the Blueline Park Website

You can book tickets for the Sky Capsule Busan directly here. The page is in english and accepts foreign credit cards.

sky capsule busan at haeundae blueline park

You can book the sky capsule Busan online.

When you book, you’ll have to choose whether you want to depart from Mipo or Cheongsapo Station, as well as choose a boarding time with a 30 minute window. Mipo to Cheongsapo is on the outer track closest to the sea, and Cheongsapo to Mipo is on the inner track.

Once you’re actually on the Haeundae Sky Capsule, it takes 30 minutes to complete the ride.

On a Tour

Booking your ride on the Haeundae Sky Capsule as part of a guided tour is an easy way to see some of Busan’s best attractions, without extra hassle. If you’re a solo traveler, it’s great value too, since you won’t have to splash out 35,000 won just to ride the Sky Capsule.

sky capsule busan

A solo ride on the Busan Sky Capsule is a little pricey © Photo Korea – Kang Hyeji

The included transport between Gamcheon Culture Village, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Songdo Skywalk, and Taejongdae is especially convenient, since these places are pretty far apart and take a long time to get between.

Here are the best tour options available that include the Sky Capsule Busan:

Busan One Day City Tour | from $60

  • choose options from Gamcheon, Oryukdo Skywalk, Huinnyeoul Village, Haedong Yonggungsa, or a Yacht tour
  • private tours available too
gyeongju | donggung palace and wolji pond at sunset

Gyeongju is full of gorgeous UNESCO sites © Photo Korea – Jo Gwang-yeon

Gyeongju UNESCO sites + Sky Capsule Day Tour | from $86

  • ride the Haeundae Sky Capsule, then be transported to Gyeongju to tour UNESCO World Heritage sites like Bulguksa Temple, Daereungwon, Donggung Palace, and Wolji Pond

Busan Must Visit 1 Day Tour | from $75

  • choose from East Busan course or Downtown Busan course
  • East course includes Sky Capsule, Beach Train, Cheongsapo Observatory, Jukseong Dream Filming Site, and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
  • Downtown course includes Sky Capsule, Beach Train, Cheongsapo Observatory, Namhang Traditional Market, Songdo Cable Car, and Gamcheon Culture Village
haedong yonggungsa temple busan korea

Haedong Yonggungsa is a wonderful seaside temple in Busan © Photo Korea – Busan Tourism Organization

Busan Main Attractions One Day Tour | from $55

  • includes Sky Capsule Busan, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Gamcheon Culture Village, and Huinnyeoul Village

At Haeundae Blueline Park Ticket Offices

There are a limited number of tickets available on-site at ticket offices located at either Mipo or Cheongsapo Station. If you’ve failed to book in advance, you can try your luck there.

For the best shot, get there as early in the morning as possible. Tickets ARE limited, and the Sky Capsule is one of the most popular activites in Busan.

Booking Tips for the Sky Capsule Busan

Now that I’ve ridden the Haeundae Sky Capsule myself, everything makes sense. Here’s what I wish I would’ve known before I booked.

blueline park | sky capsule busan

Booking the Sky Capsule Busan can feel complicated © Photo Korea – Lee Bumsu, KTO

Sky Capsules are Private

Each Sky Capsule is private, and seats a maximum of 4 people. This means that you won’t ever be grouped with strangers, but it also means that if you’re traveling solo, it’s a more expensive ride.

Prices per private Sky Capsule Busan are as follows: 35,000 won for 1-2 people, 45,000 won for 3 people, and 50,000 won for 4 people.

sky capsule busan in korea

Each Sky Capsule Busan is private, and seats up to 4.

If you’re a solo traveler, it could be worth joining a tour. You’d be grouped with other people on the tour, and get added value by visiting other popular attractions in Busan or Gyeongju.

I like this excellent value tour that visits Gyeongju UNESCO sights like Bulguksa Temple and Donggung Palace, after riding the Sky Capsule in Busan.

gyeongju | UNESCO World Heritage

Gyeongju is an open air museum, and always worth a visit © Photo Korea – Kim Jae-hyeon

TRAVELING WITH FAMILY OR A GROUP?  |  This private tour with a fully licensed guide hits all the Busan highlights, including the Busan Sky Capsule, Huinnyeoul Culture Village, Spa Land, Magnate Cafe, and much, much more. Check full info here.

One-Way Tickets Only

It’s important to choose which direction you’ll go from the start, since rides are sold as one-way tickets ONLY.

The Sky Capsule Busan has 2 departure stations: Mipo Station and Cheongsapo Station. It’s more popular to start from Mipo Station, so book at least a week in advance if you’re attached to a particular time slot.

haeundae blueline park cheongsapo lighthouse

There are a few ways to get through Haeundae Blueline Park.

There are a few ways to get back to your starting point. You can book a second Sky Capsule ticket from the opposite station, ride the Beach Train, or stroll along the Busan Green Railway Coastal Walking Trail. I’ll go into more detail on these a bit later in this guide.

Boarding Process

When you reserve your ticket, you’re asked to choose a particular 30 minute time slot. This time slot is NOT the actual time of your ride on the Sky Capsule Busan, but a boarding time.

This means that if you chose the 6:00 – 6:30 time slot, you must arrive within this window to join the line to get on the Sky Capsules. If you arrive after your scheduled time, you could be refused boarding.

cheongsapo station | sky capsule busan

We waited in line for about 20 minutes before boarding our Sky Capsule Busan.

The lines can be long, and people from previous time windows could be in line ahead of you, so I suggest showing up at the station at least 15 minutes early and assessing the situation. There’s a cafe, gift shop and other amenities around, so it’s easy to pass the time.

How to Time your Visit for Sunset

Sunset is understandably an incredibly popular time to ride the Haeundae Sky Capsule. These times are usually the first to sell out everyday, so make sure to book well in advance.

I would get in line for the Sky Capsule Busan about an hour BEFORE the projected sunset time.

haeundae sky capsule busan at sunset

Arrive an hour in advance, if you want to see sunset from the Sky Capsule.

Sunset was at 7:18 on the day we visited, so we booked the 6:00 to 6:30 time slot, departing from Cheongsapo Station. We got in line at around 6:10, and were in our cute little capsule at around 6:30. I have to say our timing was perfect. We got absolutely amazing shots of the sun setting over Haeundae Beach.

Any later, and it would’ve been too late.

How to Get Between Sky Capsule Busan Stations?

The question of how to get between Mipo and Cheongsapo Station is definitely a concern for most travelers, but it’s easier than you think. I get it though – I didn’t realize just HOW easy it is, until I was actually IN Busan doing it myself!

haeundae sky capsule busan

A one-way ride on the Sky Capsule Busan is enough.

Of course, you can always book another one way ticket back to your starting point, but I wouldn’t recommend it. A one-way ride is really enough. The Sky Capsule Busan travels really slowly, and you’ll have plenty of time to soak it all in.

Here are the other options for getting between stations.

Haeundae Beach Train | 해운대해변열차

The Beach Train runs right next to the Sky Capsule Busan, only its track is at ground level. It travels at a much faster 15-km per hour, and covers a total distance of 4.8-km, with stops at 6 separate stations.

There are two rows of ocean-facing benches, from which you can admire coastal views through floor to ceiling windows. It’s also air-conditioned (unlike the capsules), so this could be a good option if its crazy hot, or you have mobility issues.

haeundae blueline park beach train

There are 2 rows of ocean-facing benches and big windows on the Beach Train.

There are a few cons to consider however. Seats are unreserved, so you could end up standing the entire ride. And because of its location at sea level, some views can be blocked by vegetation or other distractions.

VISIT BUSAN PASS  |  Explore Busan with ease using the Visit Busan Pass. With free access to 30 must-see attractions, tour buses, and discounts for restaurants, shopping, and cafes, it’s convenience at your fingertips. Get details here.

How To Book Haeundae Beach Train Tickets

The Beach Train makes stops at 6 different stations. You can purchase tickets and board the train at any station, but you might not be able to get back on if you get off. It depends which Beach Train ticket you purchase.

blueline park | dalmaji tunnel

The Beach train makes a stop at Dalmaji Tunnel © Photo Korea – DNA Studio

If you’d like to book tickets online in advance, you can do that here, but only for boarding at Mipo, Cheongsapo, or Songjeong Stations. If you want to board at Dalmaji Tunnel, Daritdol Skywalk, or Gudeokpo, you can buy tickets at those stations, using an automated ticketing kiosk.

Before you book ANY Haeundae Beach train ticket, it’s important to research your entire route and know what you plan to do, or risk being stranded somewhere. Tickets are sold for a particular boarding time, and there are no refunds or changes available if you miss your time.

haeundae beach train at blueline park in busan

Make sure you have a plan if you choose to take the Beach Train © Photo Korea – Lee Bumsu, KTO

I personally found the whole beach train thing kind of confusing, not over flexible, and not that user friendly. In my opinion, the only way the beach train is actually workable as a return option for the Sky Capsule Busan, is if you buy the All-Day Pass that allows you to get off and re-board at every single station once.

If you only want to use it as a return option from either Mipo or Cheongsapo Station before or after riding the Sky Capsule Busan, then a stroll along the Busan Green Railway is a MUCH better option, without any time limitations. And it’s free!

haeundae blueline park | busan green railway

The Busan Green Railway is a much better return option imo © Photo Korea – Design Geulggol

How Much do Haeundae Beach Train Tickets Cost?

That said, here are the ticket options available if you’d like to book the Haeundae Beach Train:

  • Pass for a ride: 7,000 won – there is no re-entry once you get off, so this would literally be getting on at Songjeong, Cheongsapo, or Mipo Station, and then getting off.
  • Pass for 2 rides: 12,000 won – you can re-board once at a single station.
  • Pass for All-Stops: 16,000 won – you can get off and re-board at every station once.
haeundae beach train busan korea

Make sure to plan your entire itinerary before booking the Beach Train

Package Deals with the Sky Capsule Busan

If you’ve decided that the Haeundae Beach Train is the best option for your return journey, it’s worth booking a package deal for extra savings. The package price is for a one-way ride on the Sky Capsule and an All-Stop Pass for the Haeundae Beach Train.

Here are the package prices for a Sky Capsule – Beach Train combo. This is not really a viable option for solo travelers.

  • Sky Capsule and Beach Train for 2 people: 59,000 won | 8,000 won savings
  • Sky Capsule and Beach Train for 3 people: 78,000 won | 15,000 won savings
  • Sky Capsule and Beach Train for 4 people: 94,000 won | 20,000 won savings

Busan Green Railway | 부산그린레일웨이

The Busan Green Railway (also known as Haeundae Green Railway) is the other option for getting back to your starting point before or after riding the Sky Capsule Busan.

haeundae beach train busan korea

The Busan Green Railway is right next to the Beach Train and Sky Capsule © Photo Korea – Lee Bumsu, KTO

The trail is a 4.8-km long wooden path, adjacent to the Beach Train and Sky Capsule on one side, and the coastline on the other. The wooden walking path runs from Mipo Station through Dalmaji Tunnel and Cheongsapo to the former Songjeong Station.

Along the trail, there are pahtways leading to skywalks, observatories, beaches, forests local scenes and cafes.

Busan Green Railway | Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory

The Cheongsapo Daritdol Observatory is accessed from the Busan Green Railway.

We walked along the Busan Green Railway from Haeundae Beach to Cheongsapo Station, with our 2 kids, and did not hear one word of complaint (which is a miracle in and of itself).

In total, the walk is 2.3-km, and takes around 30 minutes, but you won’t feel it in the slightest. The trail is just THAT beautiful, with many things to see and explore.

haeundae blueline park | busan green railway

The Busan Green Railway is the way to go!

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Sky Capsule in Busan: Essential Info and FAQs

How long is the Sky Capsule ride in Busan? The Busan Sky Capsule ride is about 30 minutes long. Traveling at a leisurely speed of 4-km | 2.5-mph, you'll have plenty of time to take gorgeous pics and enjoy breathtaking sea views.
Where to take the Sky Capsule Busan? There are 2 departure stations for the Sky Capsule in Busan: Mipo Station right on Haeundae Beach and Cheongsapo Station, 2.3-km away. It's possible to walk between these 2 stations, on the Busan Green Railway Coastal Walking Trail.
How much does it cost to ride the Sky Capsule at Blueline Park? There are no round-trip tickets sold for the Busan Sky Capsule. Each 1-way capsule is private - meaning that you can only travel with your own group, up to a maximum of 4 people per capsule. It costs: ₩35,000 for 1-2 people, ₩45,000 for 3 people, and ₩50,000 for 4 people.
Should I reserve the Busan Sky Capsule in advance? While it IS possible to get tickets on-site, it's often fully booked. It's much wiser to reserve tickets for the Busan Sky Capsule in advance, particularly if you want to depart from Mipo Station and ride at sunset. I recommend booking at least 1 week in advance if this is what you want to do.
Can I walk between Cheongsapo Station and Mipo Station? Yes! It's a wonderful 2.3-km walk on the Busan Green Railway Coastal Trail, which is right next to the ocean, Haeundae Beach Train, and the Sky Capsule Busan.

Is a ride on the super-cute Busan Sky Capsule on your list?

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