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korea in june | wawoojeongsa temple in yongin

Compared to the frenetic pace of cherry blossom festivals in April, and spring events in May, Korea in June is relatively quiet. It almost feels like the calm before the storm, both literal and figurative, before heavy monsoon rains begin and the hectic summer tourism season starts in earnest.

korea in june | wawoojeongsa temple in yongin

Korea in June is like the calm before the storm.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • what the June weather in Korea is like
  • the Seoul weather in June and other major cities and tourist hotspots, including Busan, Jeju, Gangneung and the East Coast
  • the best summer festivals to attend in Korea in June
  • what to wear and the best things to pack for a successful trip to Korea in June

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Visiting Korea in June

If you can make it to Korea in June, it’s a great time to visit with the most comfortable weather of the summer, and a lull in tourist numbers.

Summer vacations haven’t started yet in much of the world, so it’s easier to book good value accommodation in popular neighbourhoods like Myeongdong and Hongdae, festivals and attractions are a little less crowded, and you’ll avoid major queues at the airport.

korea in june | bukchon hanok village

You might even get popular streets in Bukchon Hanok Village to yourself in June.

In June, it starts to get hot and humid, but it’s still decent enough to explore without struggling too much, especially in the first 2 weeks of the month. It’s undoubtedly the best time to see places in relative comfort and peace, before the weather becomes overly oppressive in July and August.

Korea in June | Weather

June in Korea is a shoulder month, as spring transitions fully into summer. During daylight hours, average high temperatures remain relatively stable over the course of the month, only varying by a couple of degrees, from 25 to 27°C.

korea in june | lotuses at semiwon

Lotuses are in full bloom in Korea from late June © Kim Jiho, Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea weather in June is somewhat comfortable for the first few weeks, since it still cools down at night to around 20°C.

In the middle of June in Korea though, humidity levels start to rise. By the end of the month, humidity is sitting at 54%, and overall precipitation also increases. This is a small taste of what the next 2 months of summer in Korea will bring, weather-wise.

Korea in June | Seoul Weather

It’s quite hot in Seoul in June, with relatively high humidity, and a “real feel” temperature close to 30°C. The average high temperature increases 4°C from May, reaching up to 27°C in June.

korea in june | rooftop of seoulism cafe

The rooftop of Seoulism Cafe has a tropical feel in summer.

It rains for about 10 days of the month, but the longest days of the year in Korea are also in June. The sun is super strong, and you’ll burn fast if you’re fair-skinned, so be sure to apply sunscreen or wear a hat before you head outdoors.

* Personal note: it seems to be getting hotter, earlier every year, so while these are historical averages, I’d prepare for the climate to potentially be a lot hotter. I’m writing this in the last week of May and it’s already reaching daytime highs of 30°C here in Seoul. Still cool in the evenings though.

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Korea Weather in June | Busan

June is a great month to visit Busan, before temperatures climb too high and summer beach season sees crowds descend upon the city’s beaches in force.

Busan is located on the southeastern coast of Korea, so it’s one of the cooler cities of Korea in June. It has average daily high temperatures of 23 – 25°C, and an average humidity of 80%. Yes, that sounds horrible, but with fresh sea breezes and a slightly lower temperature, it usually feels more comfortable than landlocked Seoul.

korea in june | haeundae beach in busan

Head to Busan beaches in June if you want to avoid this © Live Studio, Korea Tourism Organization

June is a little wet, with an average of 9 days of rain per month, totalling approximately 72-mm of precipitation, but there’s not much worry about flooding or typhoons like in the other summer months.

There’s quite a bit of cloud cover in Busan in June, but that doesn’t mean that you’re safe from UV rays. Be cautious, especially if you’re prone to burning easily.

korea in june | Oryukdo skywalk

June is a good month to explore sights like the Oryukdo Skywalk in comfort © Kim Jiho, Korea Tourism Organization

TIP  |  Short on time? Explore the best attractions in Busan with this jampacked tour to the Busan Skywalk, Gamcheon Culture Village, Songdo Cable Car, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, and more. Lunch and transport included. Check availability of this day tour to all the Busan hotspots here.

Korea Weather in June | Gangneung (East Coast)

The Korea weather in June on the East Coast beaches is typically a bit cooler than in the interior. Gangneung in June has average temperatures around 22°C. In my experience. it can feel cooler than that, especially if it’s windy, so be prepared with some heavier weight clothing for evening hours.

korea in june | jeongdongjin beach in korea

It’s usually too cold for swimming on the East Coast of Korea in June © Kim Jiho, Korea Tourism Organization

There’s about 11 days of rain in Gangneung and area in June, and the sea temperature is a chilly 19°C. It’s definitely too cold for swimming in Korea in June (for most people).

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Korea Weather in June | Jeju Island

If you’re visiting Jeju at the beginning of June, you’ll be treated to some of the most pleasant weather of the year, with average high temperatures of 22°C, 15% humidity, and sunny skies.

korea in june | hydrangea in jeju

Gorgeous hydrangea on Jeju Island © Lee Sang-woon, Korea Tourism Organization

As the month progresses though, temperatures increase to a still pleasant 26°C, but humidity reaches a soaring 78% and there’s more chance of rain, wind, and cloudy skies.

Despite this, the sea temperature is still a bit cool for swimming unless you like colder water. The best time for swimming on beaches like Hamdeok is August.

korea in june | seas around jeju

The seas around Jeju are on the cooler side in June © Park Dong-cheol

It’s important to note that Jeju is one of the areas of Korea that’s most often affected by summer typhoons. Be sure to check weather reports before planning any trip to Jeju Island in the summer months.

CAR RENTAL ON JEJU ISLAND  |  Public transit on Jeju Island is not as efficient as in Seoul. Distances are long, and it’s a lot slower, so most Koreans rent a car to see the island properly.

To rent a car as a traveller to Korea, you MUST have: a book type international driver’s permit (obtained in your home country), your passport, and your driver’s license from home. Check full details and availability of rental cars on Jeju Island here (reserve at least 6 days in advance).

Korea in June | Public Holidays 2022

There are 2 major national public holidays in Korea in June: Local Election Day on Wednesday, June 1st, and Memorial Day on Monday, June 6th.

korea in june | memorial day

Memorial day commemorates veterans who have defended Korea © Jeon Han, / Korean Culture and Information Service (CC BY-SA 2.0)

These are days off for most Koreans, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble finding things to do. All tourist sites and restaurants will be open to the public, and there’ll be a ton of special events planned, particularly for Memorial Day (현충일).

korea in june | aloft hotel myeongdong

Book hotels early if you plan to travel around public holidays in Korea in June.

If you’re planning to travel around South Korea near these dates, it’s very important that you book transport and accommodation as far in advance as possible. With 25 million people potentially traveling out of Seoul at the exact same time, trains, buses and the best hotels in the best neighbourhoods get booked up fast.

GOOD TO KNOW  |  Don’t be alarmed when you hear a siren sounding across the country, and all traffic stops on Memorial Day (June 6th). We’re not under attack! It signals a minute of silence to honour Korea’s veterans.

If you’d like to learn more about South Korea’s military past and present (since we’re technically still at war with North Korea), a day trip to the DMZ or demilitarized zone is one of the most unique experiences you can have in the world. Check availability of DMZ tours here or here.

Korea in June | Best Festivals and Events

I feel like there’s a very slight pause in the hectic festival schedule in Korea in June. It’s as if people are saving their energy for the incredible variety of events coming up for the busy summer months of July and August. Not to worry though – even at its quietest months, Korea is still the Queen of festivals!

seokchon lake park norimadang in jamsil, seoul

There’s always something happening in Korea!

To see weather and festivals for other months in Korea, check the following guides:

Gangneung Danoje Festival | 강릉단오제

Festival Dates: May 30th – June 6th, 2022

Address: 1, Danojang-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do | 강원도 강릉시 단오장길 1

After 3 long years, the UNESCO inscribed Gangneung Danoje Festival is back in Korea in June. This event has been celebrated for over 1000 years to welcome the gods and pray for a good harvest, using Confucian, Shamanistic and Buddhist rituals.

korea in june | gwanno mask dance at gangneung danoje festival

The Gangneung Danoje Festival is 1000 years old © IR Studio

Starting with the brewing of sacred liquor, and continuing with various rituals utilizing sacred objects, there’s also a Gwanno mask drama, oral narrative poetry, and Odokddegi folk songs. Events take place in various locations around Gangneung, including Daegwallyeong Ridge, and the Namdaecheon.

korea in june | gangneung danoje festival

Danoje Festival © Jeon Han, / Korean Culture and Information Service (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Be sure to stop into the Nanjang market, which is Korea’s largest outdoor marketplace, to explore local products and handicrafts and see fun contests, games and circus performances.

More details on their website.

ALPACA WORLD, NAMI ISLAND + GANGCHON RAIL BIKE  |  See adorable alpacas, wander gorgeous Nami Island, and pedal on abandoned railway tracks at the Gangchon Rail Park all on one super-convenient day tour. All transport and admissions included. Check availability of the Alpaca World day tour here (at least 48 hours in advance).

Yongsugol Red Poppy Festival | 용수골꽃양귀비축제

Festival Dates: May 25th – June 12th, 2022

Address: 1632-1, Seogok-ri, Panbu-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do | 강원 원주시 판부면 용수골길 326

Red poppy fields are a bit rare in Korea, but they’re a sight to behold if you should stumble upon one. Head to the Yongsugol Red Poppy Festival in Wonju, and you can admire a never ending 41,000 square metre landscape of delicate crimson flowers.

korea in june | poppies

Poppies bloom for a brief moment in time in early summer.

If you can’t make it to Wonju, some other notable places to see poppies in Korea in June are Sangdong Lake Park in Bucheon, Hadong Bukcheon in Gyeongsangnam-do, Simhak Mountain in Paju, and Olympic Park in Seoul. I’ve also seen them scattered around the Hangang River Parks.

More details on the Yongsugol Red Poppy Festival here (only in Korean).

KOREAN FOLK VILLAGE + HAN RIVER CRUISE  |  The Han River Night Cruise is finally back! Combine a trip to the Korean Folk Village in Yongin with a night cruise on the Han River to see Korea’s past and present on the same day. Check availability of the Folk Village + Han River Cruise tour here.

World DJ Festival | 월드디제이페스티벌

Festival Dates: June 4th – 6th, 2022

Address: Jamsil Olympic Stadium, 25, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 25 (잠실동)

After 2 years of limited online performances, the World DJ Festival is back in June in Korea at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. Groove to a wide range of EDM genres, from house to trance to hardcore, with thousands of other partiers – which I’m guessing is a whole lot more fun, then doing it solo in your living room.

More details on the World DJ Festival here.

Seoul Drum Festival | 서울드럼페스티벌

Festival Dates: June 17th – 18th, 2022

Address: Nodeul Island | 445, Yangnyeong-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul  

Taking place over an exciting 2 days during the month of June in Korea, the Seoul Drum Festival fills the streets of the city with percussive beats and dynamic rhythms. Best of all, this is a FREE event that anyone can enjoy!

korea in june | traditional korean drumming

Enjoy traditional AND modern drumming at the festival © National Gugak Center, Korea Tourism Organization

In its 24th year, you’ll be treated to performances and competitions from amateur and professional percussionists from all over the world. Check their website for full details.

KOREAN FOLK PERFORMANCES AT THE GUGAK CENTRE  |  Seeing a performance at the National Gugak Centre in Seoul is a must-do activity for any culture enthusiasts interested in Korean traditional folk arts. Be sure to visit the excellent free museum nearby to try out some traditional instruments yourself! Check availability and reserve tickets for a traditional performance at the National Gugak Centre.

Toechon Tomato Festival | 퇴촌 토마토축제

Festival Dates: TBA for 2022, but usually mid-June

Address: 104-7, Ori-gil, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do | 경기도 광주시 퇴촌면 오리길 104-7 일원

If you’ve ever wanted to bathe in a tub full of juicy tomatoes, you’ll get your chance at the Toechon Tomato Festival.

la tomatina spain

This pic is from the famous La Tomatina Festival in Spain, but you get the idea © flydime (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Taking place every year in Gwangju (the one near Seoul, not the one in Jeollanam-do), this festival celebrates the delicious tomato, with tomato harvesting, tomato wars and other tomato-related events.

Waterbomb Seoul | 워터밤

Festival Dates: June 24th – June 26th

Address: Jamsil Sports Complex, 25, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 25 (잠실동)

The WATERBOMB Festival in Seoul is the first of 4 WATERBOMB events across Korea this summer (the rest happen in July and August). Featuring live performances from K-POP stars and DJs, a tropical lounge, and massive exploding water cannons, you can expect to see Jessi, La Chica, CL, Zico, Jay Park, SunMi and many others at the Seoul festival.

The highlight of WATERBOMB is a crazy water gun battle between green and yellow teams, where you fight along your favourite celebs. WATERBOMB is a 19+ event, that’s definitely not suitable for young children, as you can see from the video (don’t watch if flashing lights bother you).

Check the line-up and get tickets here.

5tardium EDM Festival

Festival Dates: TBA for 2022, but usually last weekend of June

Address: Nanji Hangang Park, 162, Hangangnanji-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul | 서울특별시 마포구 한강난지로 162난지한강공원

The 5tardium EDM Festival has a unique pentagon shaped stage that surrounds the entire audience and creates an amazing atmosphere. World famous DJs, like Markus Schulz and Illenium have headlined here, so you can expect incredible sets of music, along with laser shows, fireworks, LED lights, and more.

korea in june | 5tardium EDM festival

5tardium is an epic EDM festival that happens in June in Korea.

More details here.

Korea in June | What to Wear

Korea’s weather in June is a little schizophrenic. At the beginning of the month, you could get away with longer length pants and lighter weight shirts if you’re someone that’s usually cold. However, by the end of the month, I don’t know many people who aren’t struggling under the weight of the combined heat and humidity.

korea in june

You’ll definitely need shorts and t-shirts by the end of June in Korea.

Shorts, skirts, tees, and anything lighter weight work well to deal with the climate in Korea in June. Unless you want to stand out a lot (and not in a good way), I wouldn’t wander around the city streets shirtless or just wearing a tank top.

Bring along a hoodie, cardigan or light jacket for potential cooler evening temperatures and wind at the beginning of the month. It can feel downright chilly at times after the sun has gone down.

view of the sea from Hyangiram Hermitage

It can still feel a bit chilly at night in Korea in June, especially if you’re next to the sea.

There is some precipitation, but not really enough to worry about, unless you’re visiting in the last few weeks of June. This is when the bulk of rainfall happens, as we head into summer monsoon season.

It’s also helpful to have waterproof shoes, sandals, or quick-dry clothing. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a raincoat during the day, in June in Korea, as it would be quite hot and uncomfortable.

korea in june | odongdo island

An umbrella is better than a raincoat in Korea in June.

Tips for What to Wear in Korea in June

It's less humid at the beginning of June in Korea than at the end, so prepare accordingly. If you're visiting in the last few weeks of June, expect more rain and much higher humidity.
Koreans generally dress quite well. You'll stand out quite a bit if you're wearing a ``typical backpacker`` look. Wandering around shirtless or in a tank top isn't common, no matter how hot it is.
If you don't want to draw unwelcome attention to yourself, it's best to dress on the conservative side. For women, a low neckline will attract eyes, but a super short skirt won't (go figure).
korea in june | ikseon-dong

Ikseon-dong in Seoul is ready for the rain in June © Lee Bumsu, Korea Tourism Organization

Visiting Korea in June | Packing List

Here’s a rough guideline of items to pack for the Korea weather in June.

Korea in June | Bring from Home

  • travel documents: passport, itineraries, hotel reservations, plane tickets, travel visas, insurance
  • adaptor / plug
  • t-shirts, lightweight sweaters, hoodies, cardigans
  • lightweight pants
  • shorts, capris
  • skirts or dresses
  • swimsuit, rashguard, goggles, swimcap if you plan to brave the water or a swimming pool
  • light jacket, windbreaker or waterproof shell
  • sunglasses
  • deodorant, feminine hygiene items
  • comfortable running shoes or sandals for lots of walking (water resistant shoes are good at this time of year)
  • any special medications you need

Buy in Korea

  • umbrella if it rains
  • disposable masks
  • skincare products like sunscreen (high quality and cheap in Korea!)
korea in june | gwangalli beach

You definitely be ready for the beach by the end of June in Korea © Live Studio, Korea Tourism Organization

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Korea in June: Essential Info and FAQs

Is June a good time to visit Korea? If you're visiting Korea in June, you'll get the best weather of the summer. There is some humidity and it's quite hot but it's much more comfortable than July and August.
Is June hot in Korea? Average daily temperatures in Korea in June range from 18 to 27°C. It can still feel a little chilly at night. especially at the beginning of the month, but by the end of month, it's warm enough at night to ditch the hoodies.
Is Korea cold in June? Korea in June is definitely not cold. Temperatures and humidity get progressively higher over the course of the month, and by the end, it can feel very hot.
What to do in Korea in June? There are various culture, flower, and music festivals to go to all over Korea in June. It's still a good time for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and picnicking. It's warm enough by the end of June to hit the beach and take part in other water sports.

All ready for the perfect trip to Korea in June? What have you got planned?

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