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Korean Glass Skin is a real buzzword these days, but the closest I’ve ever come to getting it, is reading about it online. That is… until I had a full skincare analysis and a few customised skin treatments in Seoul at Individuel Genève in Gangnam.

skin treatments in seoul | individuel geneveThis foreigner-friendly skincare clinic in Seoul is the place to go if you’re looking for facial treatments that actually deliver on what they promise. Read on for my full Individuel Genève review!

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Where to go for Skin Treatments in Seoul

There are so many different places to get a facial treatment in Seoul, it can be really daunting if you’re not a local. I’ve lived in Korea for the last 13 years, and it honestly still intimidates me. Visit the wrong Korean skincare clinic, and everyone’s gonna know it, right? It is your FACE after all.

skin treatments in seoul

There are too many skin clinics in Seoul to count.

The truth is that most tourists to Korea end up at a few well-known skin clinics in Seoul. These places are really good at marketing in other languages, and focus mostly on attracting international clientele. I won’t list them here, but you can easily find them yourself with a quick online search.

I’ve been to one of these “famous” clinics myself, and while the services I received were decent, I couldn’t help feeling like a cog in a very efficient skincare factory.

individuel geneve skin analysis

For personalized skin treatments, head to Individuel Geneve.

I’m not saying you can’t get great skincare at great prices at these clincs, but if you’re looking for more personalised attention and skin treatments in Seoul geared specifically to you, Individuel Genève is the place to go.

Cost of Skincare Treatments in Seoul

Relative to other developed countries, beauty services in Korea, on average, are way more affordable. An Aquapeel can be as cheap as 5,000 won as an add on service, and I’ve even seen Korean-made botox for as low as 10,000 won per area. I’ve even gotten 5 sessions of laser hair removal for 20,000 won total!

You’ll also find a greater selection of potential facial treatments in Seoul and a whole bunch that you’ve likely never heard of. It really is kind of skincare nirvana here.

The thing is – you get what you pay for, even in Korea. Even if the skin treatments are significantly less than what you’d pay at home, you still want to get the best possible results for your money, right? And that’s where Individuel Genève Seoul comes in.

skin treatments at individuel geneve seoul

Individuel Geneve offers customized, foreigner-friendly skincare treatments.

PRO TIP  |  Tax refunds of around 10% are available for tourists to Korea on amounts over 30,000 won. If you’re having skin treatments in Seoul, be sure to ask if the skincare clinic participates in tax-free. Make sure you have your passport with you, so you can take advantage of the refund!

My Experience at Individuel Genève Seoul

Individuel Genève is a cutting edge Swiss company, that uses high-tech, digital devices to provide customised, non-invasive skincare products and treatments to their customers. Their spa in Apgujeong is the company’s first in Seoul, and they’ve made it into a super-inviting and welcoming space with a family vibe.

individuel geneve seoul

You’ll feel instantly comfortable at Individuel Geneve

I felt comfortable from the moment I walked into their adorable clinic. With multilingual staff and people from different countries working there, you definitely won’t be presented by an intimidating sea of Korean faces when you visit!

After being pampered with a hand-washing experience, and drinking their transforming magic tea, I was whisked off for my customised skin analysis.

individuel geneve seoul magic tea

Their tea really is magic!

Skincare Analysis

Any facial treatment at Individuel Genève begins with a comprehensive skincare analysis, using their patented Swiss tech. After measuring your skin’s keratin, impurities, pores, wrinkles, and spots, a customised skin treatment plan is created specifically for you.

individuel geneve seoul skincare analysis

Skincare analysis is high tech, fast, and painless

This process is super high-tech, totally painless, and very fast, with all information and consultation provided in english if required.

I’ll be 51 in March, so I was pretty happy to see that my wrinkles, spots, and keratin were considered mild, and that the impurity level of my skin was “almost clear.” My pores however, showed up as “moderate”, and overall my skin was “very dry.”

customised skin analysis at individuel geneve seoul

You’ll learn about your particular skincare needs

Using this digital data, it was recommended that I try 2 of Individuel Geneve’s non-invasive skin treatments in Seoul: Ultrasound Lifting and Microneedling. These are used in combination with their specialized skincare products to achieve the best possible results for your specific skincare concerns.

individuel geneve seoul

If you ever wanted to see how deep your pores go…

On a personal note – while I haven’t had much issue with acne or deep wrinkles, I’ve struggled with a lot of redness, uneven skin tone, and irritation in my skin for as long as I can remember. I was totally pumped to see what my results would be from these customised facial treatments in Seoul.

facial treatments in seoul | individuel geneve

I’ve been plagued with redness in my skin my whole life. 🙁

There are a bunch of other skincare treatment options available at the clinic, but these would be determined based on your particular skin concerns. If you’re curious, you can read all about them on their website.

HOW TO BOOK  |  Individuel Geneve has multilingual staff, a foreigner-friendly vibe, and the high-tech skin treatments in Seoul you need. Mention “Travel-Stained” when you book and get 10% off your treatments! Contact Ben for more info.

SonNext™ | Ultrasound Lifting

All treatments at Individuel Genève combine Swiss tech, with K-beauty principles. It’s like getting the best of the skincare world in a single skin treatment in Seoul.

skin treatments in seoul | individuel geneve

Individuel Genèveis a high tech Swiss skincare company.

For my first facial treatment, I received Ultrasound Lifting, using their patented SonNext™ device. This amazing piece of tech, penetrates 5.5mm into the skin to strengthen, tighten and lift droopy or saggy skin.

This is pretty much as deep as plastic surgeons go when performing a facelift – only the SonNext™ is completely non-invasive and painless, with a fraction of the recovery time.

ultrasound lifting treatment in seoul | individuel geneve

Ultrasound Liting Treatment in Seoul at Individuel Genève

Results: I saw a marked, visible difference from this treatment. As I’ve aged, the round face and cheeks that made me look younger than my years, have started drooping into my neck. My face literally got slimmer from this Ultrasound Lifting treatment.

It’s a month after I had this skin treatment in Seoul, and the results haven’t faded at all.

2 Days Post-Treatment: skin still tender, but seeing the results of my Ultrasound Lifting Treatment.

Microneedling | MTS (Micro Needling Therapy System)

Microneedling or MTS is exactly what it sounds like. A series of micro needles is used to brighten the skin, stimulate collagen, and improve the entire texture of the skin.

At Individuel Geneve Seoul, microneedling skin treatments contain a bundle of active ingredients (like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and Tumeric) which are proven to be effective for brightening skin, reducing pigmentation, and hyper moisturizing the skin.

skin treatments in seoul | microneedling

Not gonna lie – microneedling hurt!

Results: I’m not going to sugarcoat this. This hurt. Despite the numbing cream. And I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I literally felt like I was being stabbed over and over again by a million tiny, little knives. Your experience might be different.

Afterwards, my entire face was literally the colour of a tomato, super dry, and pretty irritated. I’d say it took 3 – 4 days before I wasn’t a patchwork of red and white skin (as you’ll see in the pics).

skin treatments in seoul | after microneedling

Does my face look like it hurts? Because it does.

Despite the pain, this skin treatment in Seoul was 200% worth it. After the healing process, I saw a huge difference in my skin. Never mind the buttery softness, but my skin is clearer, even-toned, and most of the redness that’s plagued me my whole life is pretty much gone.

I’d do a microneedling treatment at Individuel Geneve again in a heartbeat.

My Skin Treatment Results

Nothing speaks louder than pictures (especially when it comes to facial treatments in Seoul), so I’ll share a bunch with you, so you can see my skin’s healing journey for yourself.

Suffice it to say though, I was super impressed with the results. I had noticeable, visible differences in my skin’s quality, clarity, and tone in less than 7 days.

That redness that’s haunted me for pretty much my entire adult life has calmed down significantly, and my skin is just bouncier, more vibrant, and tighter than it was before. Colour this girl (old woman?) happy.

It’s now been about a month and a half since I had my non-invasive beauty treatments at Individuel Genève, and my skin still has that post-treatment glow.

A month and a half later, and my skin is still glowing (even in -36 degree Celsius weather!)

HOW TO BOOK  |  Individuel Geneve has multilingual staff, a foreigner-friendly vibe, and the high-tech skin treatments in Seoul you need. Contact Ben for more info.

How to Get to Individuel Genève in Seoul

Address: 3rd Floor, 26 Dosan-daero 54-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Individuel Genève is located in Apgujeong, in the southern part of Seoul. The skincare clinic is easily accessible using public transit, with the closest subway station being Gangnam-gu Station. This is a transfer point for Seoul subway line 7 and the Suin-Bundang line, so it’s pretty easy to get to from any part of Seoul.

garosugil sinsa seoul korea

Individuel Geneve is located in Apgujeong.

Once you arrive at Gangnam-gu Station, walk straight out of Exit 3, then take your first right. Walk straight for around 600-metres (less than 10 minutes), until you see Individual Genève on your left hand side. Be sure to look up, as the spa is located on the 3rd floor, and could easily be walked past unawares.

If you see an eMart 24 on your right hand side, you’ve gone too far… but not by much.

There’s limited parking if you plan to drive, but they do have valet service available if required.

jjimjilbang seoul

2 Weeks Post-Treatment: Sheep head and Korean glass skin at the jjimjilbang

Booking Skin Treatments at Individuel Genève Seoul

Individuel Genève is fully on K-beauty addicts’ radar now, so it’s best to book your customised skincare analysis and facial treatments in Seoul a few weeks in advance to avoid being disappointed.

If you’ve got a Korean number, call 0507-1312-8488 to book an appointment. There will be people on staff who can speak English (and probably other languages too!)

individuel geneve seoul korea

This is Ben. He is very nice… and has Korean Glass Skin.

Otherwise, the easiest way to reserve a skin treatment at Individuel Genève, is to message Ben on Instagram. Enjoy!

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Individuel Genève Seoul: Essential Info and FAQs

Where is Individuel Genève Seoul located? Individuel Genève is located in Apgujeong in Seoul, South Korea, near Gangnam-gu subway station.
What skin treatments are available in Seoul? Popular skin treatments in Seoul are: aquapeels, botox, pico toning, shurink, LDM, Rejuran Healer, micro needling, and a huge range of skin boosters with various effects.
Where can I find a foreigner-friendly skin clinic in Korea? With multilingual staff, Individual Genève is one of the most foreigner-friendly places to get skin treatments in Seoul. Lienjang, Muse, and Renovo also provide english speaking beauty services in Korea.
Are skin treatments cheaper in Seoul? Compared to other developed countries, skin treatments in Korea are cheaper than average. It's also super advanced, modern, and high tech. Just make sure to find a reputable skincare clinic in Seoul to have your treatments.

Ready to try for the Korean glass skin of your dreams? Don’t hesitate!


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