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Posts tagged ‘Garganta del Diablo’

Majestic Iguazu…wow!

There are three major waterfalls in the World: Niagara, Victoria Falls, and Iguazu. Having been wowed by Niagara early in life, I was eager to see just how Iguazu would measure up.

Sitting on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, and basically in the middle of the rainforest, getting there was a day's journey by bus from the nearest metropolis in any of the 3 countries...not the simplest journey to make.

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The Magnificent Quebrada de Las Conchas

The Quebrada de las Conchas (also known as the Quebrada de Cafayate or the Gorge of the Shells), is a dramatic brick and ocher-hued landscape located in the Calchaqui Valleys of northwest Argentina. Ninety million years ago, this area was covered by a huge inland sea, and you can still see the remains of seashell fossils studded into the carved rocks, hence the name, Gorge of the Shells.

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