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Good morning lil’ girl
Today’s your special day
Trying to put down a few words
But there’s so much to say

I remember the day
When I got the call
And that feeling of dread
Of dropping the ball

We didn’t even have a crib
So we put you in a box
No towels no clothes
Nor even any socks

You were born a preemie
And you were so tiny
2.3 kilos in all
Brand new and so shiny

Dear Naia now my darling
You have come so far
You have grown so well
And now you’re at par

And along the way
There were many strange phases
The airplanes, the burps
The scratching of faces

I heart you my love
You have enriched our lives
With your dimples, your giggles
And your toothless smile

I love the way you say “BA”
When I come through the door
Or the way that you chase me
You flail and caress me

The way that you cry
The lullabies in vain
The way you hug grandma
When she’s feeling in pain

We’ve tried to be good parents
And it hasn’t always been the case
Yet all is forgotten
In your sweetest embrace

Good morning lil’ girl
You’re a blessing and more
You’re our lil’ darling
The one we adore

We have traveled we have done
So many things out there
But nothing compares
To our love for the bear

Dear Naia my darling
On this precious day
I wish you a life full of laughter
Of joy, full of play



  • November 5, 2016

    Simply, beautiful!

  • October 8, 2016

    Loved it. Every word. Agri is giving you stiff competition, Shelley! 🙂

  • October 7, 2016

    Such a beautiful poem by Agri. So heartfelt and it really does show how much love Naia gets each and every day. She sounds like a tough little one on the road, and seems like like playing with daddy wherever she goes 😀 Really love all these photos. What a happy family. Wishing all of you the best and many more adventures on the road together 🙂 <3


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